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Karann Grey

Karann Grey

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I'm quite happy with this clan. My RL sometimes (like right now) forces me to accept priorities other than Runescape, other than capping weekly at the citadel or participating in events. Like probably many others, Runescape is something I do in my spare time because it's fun, and it's pretty much the first thing to give when time gets tight.

I like the time that I actually am spending online to actually be fun time. Capping at the citadel has always been a priority because it was one of the responsibilities of being in this clan, and I accept that. I have to admit most of the time is was more of a chore and burden than anything else, though. That's what I didn't like. The dragon is cool and all, but for it being a decoration only, it was too much of an effort, in my opinion. It should come with 100% additional bonus xp at the citadel to keep people capping.

I like chatting with you guys while I'm doing something, getting your advice on how to spend my hard-earned gold in RS, or which quest to complete next. An occasional fallen star is great. I'm not so much into scheduled events because (see above) it's difficult for me to plan my time being online. Plus, I feel that I'm not good enough for raids, and lack the armor/weaponry.

I'll stick around. It's nice with you folks.


19-Mar-2015 05:14:54



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I get to log the Citadel work this week!
I just finished with about 27 minutes to go to the build tick! Pug and Alien finished a bit earlier.

I looked back and I could not find our notice for last week, so I guess we forgot to log it. But we all have 3 Fealty rank so I am sure we did it.

So for the record:
Pug O War, Alien Mage60, and JFlower8 have capped for the past two weeks.

Thank you.

19-Mar-2015 14:03:58

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Clan Citadel Tier 7! (With Dragon)

Reminder about Summoning Plot - Each member may allocate 10% of their cap on this, the minions provide a wild card resource, gathering what is needed. For example at Tier 7 storehouse, 2700 cap limit = 270 minions. It respects the priority set in the job list interface. First timber, then stone, etc. 3 minions = 1 bar, 1 minion = 1 timber etc. First upkeep, then upgrade, then customization

Upgrades in progress this week:

Grand Lion Fountain 98%
Grand Demon Statue 3%

**Check goals on interface at Citadel**

Thank you for all your hard work clannies!

Remember to be courteous to others and collect ore/charcoal/bars in equal amounts.

It is very important that everyone participate with this required weekly event.

Remember to cap/visit early so your not stressing to squeeze it in last minute. Please let me know if you cap on EVENT day, so you can get credited with two event attendances.

Please be sure to visit the citadel!!!! We appreciate all your efforts.

Guthix Halos
that 1 guy*

thank you all


* = capped on tick day

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Guthix Halos
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Guthix Halos

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Hi all Guthix Halos clanmates.

Thanks to all of you for your recent comments regarding things you like most and least about the clan. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

The leaders are currently in discussion about ways to improve the clan.

Items of discussion include (but are not limted to) :

1. Increasing the number of Avatar Wardens, so they can be summoned more often.

2. Increasing the number of fun stuff, events, contests, etc.

3. Changes in citadel policies, now that our goals have been achieved. Upkeep of course is still mandatory, but most upgrades remaining are purely cosmetic, and can be achieved at a more relaxed pace.

4. Leaders trying to find time to be present more often.

5. Overall, since this is a game, we want to stress the concept of having fun!!!

As for guests being allowed in clan chat, we temporarily turned that off, for a reason. We receive comments such as, 'if they wanted to participate with us, why did they leave', and 'they are not even members, why are they in here bad mouthing me'.

In the past, we have blocked people on an individual basis if they caused any issues. But we felt like it was a good time to just block everyone (TEMPORARILY) instead of singling people out.

Generally speaking, all are welcome in our clan chat. The primary reason for guests being in with us is for them to explore and get to know us in hopes that they join us in a reasonable time frame. Of course, occasionally old friends will pop in from time to time to catch up, etc which is also fine.

In any case, that will be changed back very soon to allow guests again.

Thank you all

Keep the suggestions coming please. And tell us if you would like to volunteer to lead events.

Guthix Halos

19-Mar-2015 16:18:47

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