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Hello everyone!

I'm starting an ORS clan with a few of my friends and we are looking for fun and down to earth people to play ORS with us. This clan will be a social clan. Our purpose is to have a group of amazing people to go boss killing, pvp, skilling, questing, and help each other with our goals.

About us:

We are a group of RS vets. (very old vets LOL). And we've just come back from a very...very long break from the game. We love meeting new people and we're very friendly so don't be shy! My friends and I were always very combat focused and love going to mini-games and boss killing. But I myself love skilling so that's why this clan is very diverse. Our home world is W86.

How to Join:

Please reach out to me by PMing me or joining my clan chat "Acheloiss" and have a convo with me!

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Closed as a duplicate as you have a thread open in the Old School Clans Forum, which is the better placed. This Forum is part of the RS3 Clan Forums, and is not used for recruiting.

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