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Frowny Face
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Hey there!

Our clan, The Cookie Armada may be just what you're looking for.
We are mostly a Social Clan with no requirements at all to join, everyone is welcome. We are laid back, relaxed and always up for a bit of fun.

Here's what we can offer you:
Daily Events
ranging from Medium to High Level PvM, Skilling, Social, AoD, Rots and Minigames;
No Requirements
; we accept everyone including Skillers, F2P players and Ironmen;
Nothing is mandatory
, not even attending our events or even talking in Clan Chat, in case you're shy;
Friendly and Relaxed Atmosphere
in Clan Chat and guests are welcome;
350 Clan members
from many different timezones for you to socialise with;
A simple
Ranking System based upon Clan XP
, in which event attendances help you rank up faster;
Maxed Tier 7 Citadel
3 Avatars
. Clan provides
Temporary Admin
to whoever requests to use them;
Discord Server
for those who prefer voice chat over typing;
A friendly
, World 44, in which Avatar and most Clanmembers will be. This way you can easily meet up with your friends.

If you'd like to know a bit more about us, visit our Recruitment Thread and feel free to guest our Clan Chat.

Kind regards,
Frowny Face

21-May-2018 05:59:03

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Hey Darkir Kam,

You're welcome to join Harmonic!

Here is some information about our clan:

Requirements: You have to be a member, no level requirements, capping and events are not mandatory.
Content: Social, Skilling, PvM.
Ranking system: Fairly simple, you can check more about in in our clan forum post here.
Admin positions: Open.
Citadel: Tier 5, with 2 avatars.
Discord: Optional.

You can check us out at our forum page or join our guest chat -

I barely even eat any cakes. :/
Hope you'll find what you're looking for,

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I would like to invite you to join

• We are a friendly social clan with zero requirements to join other than being kind.

• Everyone is welcome!

• We are a well established clan with over 250 members.

• We have a very active Discord server!

• Capping and attending events is not mandatory and does not effect the ranking system.

General Information

• Homeworld: 23

•Timezone: Game time

•Number of members: 250+

•Citadel: Tier 6 & growing! with 2 Avatars

•Discord available

•Weekly events

I prefer fairy cakes over cup cakes personally. :P

•Feel free to check out our
recruitment thread
if you are interested! You can also check out the clan via guesting we always have people online, Come and say hi!

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21-May-2018 15:29:39

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Hello Darkir Kam!

The Mayhem Mafia
started out with a few friends who are sick of “normal” clans and wanted something entirely different. If you’re looking for a place where freedom of expression is glorified and XP gainz are real, continue reading to see if you can keep up.

What can The Mayhem Mafia offer a measly peasant like you? I’m glad you asked. We're a casual, social clan with a random assortment of maxed players, PvMers, and bankstanders who are surprisingly knowledgeable and try to provide a fun playing atmosphere for everyone. If you want help with something or have a question, we’ll be more than happy to assist (after a sarcastic comment or two). There will be a helping hand given to everyone!

We strongly value our community with our clanmates and we treat them as family. Great bonds of friendship are formed that way. We are home to players from all over with a mix of new, veteran, and returning players.

For further information on the clan, please stop by the CC and ask any questions you may have. There is always someone who is willing to help. You can also always PM me in game. :D

Hope to see you soon!



Sidenote: My opinion of cupcake cakes... Hmm, let's see. I love cupcakes, I love cake, but sometimes they use that disgusting whipped frosting that tastes like plastic on the storebought cupcake cakes for some reason? Ridiculous. Anyways, I'd say I like homemade ones. :D

º|º General Info º|º

The Mayhem Mafia

Est. 10/25/16

Homeworld: 44
Number of Members: 130
Citadel: Tier 6 (& growing!) with 2 Avatars
Discord channel available
Don ViciousQueen
Proud Owner of The Mayhem Mafia

21-May-2018 16:02:17

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I like cupcakes :)
We're a social / events clan that aim to make our members play time as enjoyable as possible. We have no requirements to join and welcome everyone with open arms. There are no mandatory event or capping requirements.

Clan Chat :
Home World :
Citadel tier :
Clan avatars :

What we can offer

Daily events
A mature and friendly community
A fair point-based ranking system
Weekly Skilling/Pvm competitions
Optional Discord server for clan members

Please take a look at our recruitment thread
For more information or to become part of the clan, join Luminescent as a guest or pm a leader :)

Owner of Luminescent

21-May-2018 16:13:06

Wcer Nat
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Wcer Nat

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Hey there!

I'm Leader of TKOE a clan rebuilding from the lost of all deputy owners and leader. Currently we only have 21 active members.


Easy there is none everyone and anyone is welcome! I will not force anyone to do their cap at the citadel but it would be nice if you do

What can TKOE offer you?

Citadel tier 1 working on getting the visits for tier 2
Friends from all over the world
Understanding on anything in the game
Discord channel, although many perfer not to use it
Facebook group
Youtube channel
Our own website full of mini games, game content ect.

Clan Info

Home world 119
Time zone mostly GMT and EST
Clan Owner wcer Nat17
Deputy Owners Sworn ninja, Prime of Sea (lantadyme W), Debzz

How does one move up in the clan?

Must be active ( on at least 3-4 times a week)
Must have some game knowledge
Must be friendly to new recruits
Must at least do half a cap

Feel free to guest the chat at any time or message any of the names above

Please also remember with rebuilding a clan there will not always be someone on. BUt if more people join the more will be on later on!

If you would like more information about the clan feel free to check out our forum at 290-291-280-66011544

Enjoy Scaping!
Owner of Tkoe

21-May-2018 17:11:57

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I like cupcake cakes cuz then you don't have to cut the cake, just grab and go lol


GREETINGS! I am here to invite you to
. We are an all around clan filled with
. If you're looking for a clan that will help you when you're confused, provide you with good conversation when grinding through those boring skills or just looking for a place to hang out then give us a shot!

we are a clan looking to develop a friendly atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable.

clan chat:
Dark Perception
feel free to guest in the chat to see if you like us

Clan World
14 (not mandatory)

key factors in DP:

1750 skill total
no mandatory citadel work
optional clan events
friendly, helpful clan
tier 7 citadel
three avatars
Clan lotto for those who choose to cap at the citadel

Thanks for your time and consideration

21-May-2018 17:20:21

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"You cannot change what you refuse to confront."

Founded: December 22nd, 2012
- Age group Avg: 22+ yrs old (college students, F/T working, enjoying RS while chilling)
- Home World: 104
- Clan colors: Silver, gold
- Clan symbols: Fleur, hawk
- Clan citadel tier: 7

Hi Darkir Kam,
We are a mature,experienced, & friendly social clan that emphasize on loyalty. Since 2012, we pride ourselves on bringing back our past members who have diverted to irl personal goals. We welcome all members to join this lasting clan to keep up the tradition of T.U.O. and to help foster and guide each other thru our journey within Geilenor both new and current members.

We host weekly events;eg: bossing/skilling/Pengs/D&Ds (3x a week) and monthly skilling competition.

What you will witness with our clan:
• 3 avatars •
• Tier 7 Citadel •
• Friendly/Experienced/welcoming members •
• Active Discord server •
• Google Sheets of Clan events & competition information•
• International player base •
• Lots of fun events, activities, and competitions •

Majority of our clan information once invited are mainly within our Discord account. It is
a requirement but a plus to be immersed fully into the TUO family.

On behalf of T.U.O, thank you for your time and consideration. Should you need additional information feel free to click here to read more about our clan and events.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly via PM if you have any questions and/or ready to be invited :D

21-May-2018 19:31:59

Saint Erik
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Saint Erik

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Hey there! So, my clan,
, is now over 3 months old, we have over 250+ members, and we would love to have you join us! :D

We are a social clan - although many of us PvM and skill - we just love to chat and help each other out whenever possible!

We have no requirements and are scattered with low, mid, and high level players. We also welcome F2P, although most of us are P2P. We have no rules aside from the common sense ones; no drama or racism and we expect you to follow Jagex's rules as well.

We have weekly skilling competitions with millions of GP in prizes as well as a lottery for cappers; all posted in Discord!

Our home world is
and you are always welcome to join our clan chat channel as a guest and ask for an invite or PM me in-game!

Hope to hear from you soon - you seem like the perfect fit! :P
Sick of cliquish, elitist-filled clans? Look no further. You have arrived. Check out our thread

Deputy Owner of

21-May-2018 22:10:53

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Hiya Darkir Kam!

I think Surreal would be a perfect match for you, and the other way around. We're a social clan with plenty of events for different timezones all around, and we're pretty cool in general. Though we're not big, we've been around since 2010 and have accomplished a great straight-forward clan system that works perfectly. And I love cupcakes, I was reading an article about them earlier actually. A girl was made fun of her weight while she was in a bakery, some customers said she better not buy all the cupcakes because she was so fat. So, she bought them all so those rude customers didnt get any, asked them to hold the door for her as her hands were so full (LOL) and told them it was very rude what they said. She ended up sharing the cupcakes with all her friends and family members. Ehhh I'm rambling sorry - I've added you in-game so I hope to see you there soon :) Also my signature is a link if you'd
like to read up a little more.

See you soon!
Assumption is the mother of all ****-ups.

Happy member of Surreal <3

21-May-2018 22:50:33

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