LF Clan to learn raids etc

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Looking to grow and learn in a new friendly over all competitive clan.

Coming back to game after hearing about the new content being added with the new area and raid that will be released and was just curious if there are clans out there that will help me get in that content so I can try my luck with good items.

My current main gear is Ranger and I use a Zaryte bow + t85 lotus gear Idk if that is good or what not but that's what I been using for a while.

Just looking to join a group that will help me achieve getting titles and being a teammate overall.
Message me or join my friends chat if you have a questions or would like to boss.

20-May-2018 22:14:28

Mansa XP
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Mansa XP

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Drunk Buffalo

Hello, We are Drunk buffalo! We are a Competitive & events based clan! What is that you ask? We compete in all RS competitions such as clan cups, most boss kills and even acorn gathering events! We also host our own weekly event competitions from XP gathering to Bossing to even our own gnome ball league!

We also host minigame events and more! PM if interested!

20-May-2018 22:51:10

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(click above for more information)

Join today


We are a social 18+ community whose goal is to bring people together and have a close-knit clan.

Clan Details:

Clan Chat name:
Mischievous Misfits
The Citadel tier level:
Our Home-World:
A platform for the community
Follow us on Twitter:
Join our Facebook group at:
"Mischievous Misfits"

What we as a community, what will we offer you?

axed Avatar plot with our fearless dragon guarding our Citadel called Toothless
nteresting clan members to bond with
afe environment provided for everyone
riendly and experienced leaders
ncredible place to call home
alented and dedicated members to help all levels
mile on your face

So what now?

Come and be apart of our really awesome and dedicated community. Please do some of our leaders below to privately have a chat with.



S amuel




Big Scoob


Lady Ren

Best wishes,
Mischievous Misfits
Mischievous Misfits

Future game developer / FB Page: "Visionary Pixels"
Oceano are my jam

20-May-2018 22:57:13

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Astral Turtles

We are Astral Turtles!

I will try and make this as short and sweet as possibly :-)

Astral Turtles is a family. We look out for each other. We aim to grow at a steady pace which allows you to get to know each-other instead of having to meet a new person every 2 minutes. :-P

We have a wide variety of events to offer to our clannies, meaning there is something for everyone! We do things like, dungeoneering, pvm, skilling and sometimes just chatting about pointless things :-P. We have a pretty good sense of humor, as long as you can deal with some sarcasm and good old banter. We have a wide variety of levels, from people who are maxed to those with under 500 total level.

Events and capping are not mandatory, but appreciated :-).

If you would like to join post here, join our clan chat as a guest or PM one of our contact point clan members listed below. We always keep our PM's on!

Contact points :
Matmano9 -/- Assists
Astral Curse -/- MidFury
Brioska -/- KitchenRaver/ImBuperSaked
Jj Oo Ee Yy -/- Elwin

Clan Information:
• Clan Chat: Astral Turtles
• Home world: 88
• Clan Time: GMT / EST - Events are made to suit most time zones!
• Citadel: Tier 7 - Maxed citadel
• Voice Chat: Discord
• Requirements: None
• We offer Avatar Warden to those who cap consistently!

Click here for our recruitment thread! :-)
I like to help people. Feel free to ask for advice/help. :-)

My clan - Astral Turtles Attending RF 2018!
Need support? Account help
Discord -

21-May-2018 00:18:20

Your Wolfie
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Your Wolfie

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Revival is a newly founded social and PvM clan.
More information to follow.



Owner: Cruu
Founded: 19/05/2018 @ 11:54 GMT
Members: 9
Timezone: International
Home World: 92
Citadel Level: 1

What we offer/plan to offer


• Experienced and friendly leadership
• Welcoming atmosphere
• Daily PvM
• Active around the clock
• Organised Discord server with an abundance of features



• Membership
• 2000 Total Level
• We recommend you have some PvM experience

21-May-2018 04:20:20

Frowny Face
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Frowny Face

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Hey there!

Our clan, The Cookie Armada may be just what you're looking for.
We are mostly a Social Clan with no requirements at all to join, everyone is welcome. We are laid back, relaxed and always up for a bit of fun.

Here's what we can offer you:
Daily Events
ranging from Medium to High Level PvM, Skilling, Social, AoD, Rots and Minigames;
No Requirements
; we accept everyone including Skillers, F2P players and Ironmen;
Nothing is mandatory
, not even attending our events or even talking in Clan Chat, in case you're shy;
Friendly and Relaxed Atmosphere
in Clan Chat and guests are welcome;
350 Clan members
from many different timezones for you to socialise with;
A simple
Ranking System based upon Clan XP
, in which event attendances help you rank up faster;
Maxed Tier 7 Citadel
3 Avatars
. Clan provides
Temporary Admin
to whoever requests to use them;
Discord Server
for those who prefer voice chat over typing;
A friendly
, World 44, in which Avatar and most Clanmembers will be. This way you can easily meet up with your friends.

If you'd like to know a bit more about us, visit our Recruitment Thread and feel free to guest our Clan Chat.

Kind regards,
Frowny Face

21-May-2018 05:59:23

Black Magic
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Black Magic

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Hello, I would like to invite you to join
The Bungalow

The Bungalow
is a
community clan striving to create a
environment in which our members can achieve their RuneScape goals and dreams. As a community clan, we have no requirement to join, and no compulsory events. Whether you enjoy playing alone or with friends, our community caters to every type of member.
An active Discord Server, weekly events, skilling competitions, PvM, minigames, and more
will be available to all.

By joining
The Bungalow
, you can anticipate to..

» Be part of a
growing, unified
» Be able to participate in the
diverse (non-mandatory) events
that are held throughout the week
» Have fun by
raising your skills
developing new abilities
as a whole
» Meet new people and establish
everlasting friendships

Current Clan Info:

Citadel Tier
: 3
: 1
Home World
: 91
: April 15th, 2018

Please guest our CC to get to know us!

Note- As we are a newer clan, let us know if you are interested in an admin+ position. We may have a role for you.

¸.• ´
(¸. •
`Owner of The Bungalow

Black Magic
¸.•* ´
(¸. •
`Owner of The Bungalow

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Hey there! I'd like to invite you to
The Gladiatorz
Clan Chat: The Gladiatorz / Timezone: EST (GMT-5)
Founded: February, 2001 / Home World: 14
Led by: Beric and AmusedDragon
Clan Type: PvM/Community/Skilling/Monthly Competitions

We're the oldest active clan in Runescape, having been around for
17 years!
With our large community, relaxed attitude and daily events, we work to make our members' Runescape experience more enjoyable.

We're a
community clan
at heart, offering a platform for friendships to thrive through in-game contact, our own voice chat server and off-site forums. However we do host daily PvM events and monthly competitions for all levels to take part in, these include
Clan Raids, High and Low level PvM, PvM learning events, Mini-games, Hide 'N Seek, DG, Skilling events
and many many more!

Our only joining requirement is that you're
, as our events only cater to those with members. For more info about the clan and how to join, you can find our RSOF clan topic here. Our clan chat is always open to guests if you have any questions prior to applying. To apply to the clan, please navigate to our off-site forums at

"Greatness is forever"

Head Recruiter
Rider of Rohan

@ The Gladiatorz

21-May-2018 06:58:32

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