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Hi there!

I'm Zuxpa, a maxed rs3 player who is looking to create a brand new clan! (Needing 2 Founders to begin)


Goals for the clan are simple, A chilled relaxing area where people can feel at home and relax, somewhere where people can be themselves and play the game that we all love and cherish! (Sometimes ;))

Mainly a PVM/Social clan that is based on teaching/leaning main runescape 3 bosses! However I would love to host events such as Drop Parties and Skilling competitions.


To start with the requirements will probably be 1500+ Total or at least 100+ combat
This is for a basic understanding of runescape pvm scene.

All of the above can be discussed with the new founders!

Contact Me!

Anyone interested in setting up a friendly PVM/Social clan is more than willing to contact me in-game to talk about setting it up and any ideas they have!

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hello one and all!
Im Zuxpa and I am looking for founders to create a brand new clan.

The clan will loosely be based on PvM with some skilling and socialising involved.

No requirements to join as I want this clan to be a utopia for all.

Anyone interested in making a clan that will be friendly and helpful to all runescape players?

Pm me or add me on discord @Zuxpa#9175


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