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Dr Rose 22

Dr Rose 22

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Looking for four people to be founders for my guild, Tales of Zesteria.
Want fairly active people, and looking to build up citadel for the skill plots.

Key points for the clan I envision:
Nice and Social
All levels, returning players, and new players welcome
Have a fun time just talking and doing stuff together.

Looking forward to working with anyone willing to give this clan a chance!
Pm me if your interested!

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@ coralshape & @ Im aFerrari - This thread is to be used for finding founders, in order to get your clan established with the Scribe at the Clan Camp. It is not for posting open positions in already established clans.

If you are in need of people to fill open positions within your clan, the best place to post that is on your clan recruitment/administration thread, allowing those already in your clan to express an interest in promotion. Or give the Looking for Admins? Check Here thread a try. You are also welcome to recruit for those positions on the threads in this Forum of those individuals who you think would be good candidates for your openings.

Thank you

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22-May-2018 00:53:29

Relax in
Feb Member 2017

Relax in

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Hey all, I am looking for three more founders of a new clan. I was the clan owner of a social community clan in 2013 and made it to t5 in a couple months with the help from a lot of great people. Alas though as I just found out is I forgot the login information for the account I had made to hold onto the clan for me while away and off doing other things SOOOO this is me wanting to start over. It's probably better to have a fresh start with fresh leaders.

The plan is to make a no stress positive community clan with events and such. I plan to have it on w103 and capping will not be required but VERY STRONGLY encouraged. I'd like to have a big fancy citadel though wouldn't you? lol

PM me if you are interested or comment on my post.


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Kristin x
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Kristin x

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Hey guys,

I've never really been able to find the clan that checks all of the boxes of things I look for in a clan. One clan might have tons of helpful and friendly people but they never really do any group activities like organized PvM, while the other might be elite PvMers but be rotten people. I want a happy medium, a clan where everyone gets their fix... The most important thing to me is an active clan chat and doing things as a community but in addition, to help people knock out their comp requirements or helping them max is important too. I've got experience running a clan but it was years ago and I think it's time for a fresh beginning. All I need is a group of people with a similar vision and I think we'd hit the ground running - respond to this post or message me in game.

23-May-2018 18:01:57

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Hello one and all!
Im Zuxpa and I am looking for founders to create a brand new clan.

The clan will loosely be based on PvM with some skilling and socialising involved.

No requirements to join as I want this clan to be a utopia for all.

Anyone interested in making a clan that will be friendly and helpful to all runescape players?

Pm me or add me on discord @Zuxpa#9175


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Looking for founsers in PVM/Skilling Clan! What more could one ask for as being a founder for a great skilling and PVM clan? Please message me in game if you are interested. Looking for active members who want to contribute to a clan. There will be no "be here at this event or you will be kicked" nonsense. Just a casual environment to bring people together to do what we came here to do... have fun!

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I am matthias and in my clan you can expect everything you want, anything youd like is possible.

We are open for ideas so that our clan can grow to one of the best and we want to achieve it by having great and happy players.

If you want to join just give me a message on

Discord: Just_Matti24 #1526
Skype: just.mattti

27-May-2018 16:53:01

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