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BST Jack
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BST Jack

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Blood Sweat n Tears


I believe that
Sweat n
sounds just like the clan you are looking for!

We are a Mature, Social and All-Rounded Clan that welcome any level player.
Our •Clan Homeworld is 77


Clan Motto

The Blood we Spill, For work we Sweat and Tears of Laughter we Cry
Clan Founded

July 2016
Clan Chat Channel

Blood Sweat n Tears


What we have to offer

- Currently our Citadel is Tier 6 - With 2 Avatars
- We do not have just one Leader, We have many and we all work as a team!

- Veteran Players - who are willing to help and share their knowledge!

- We have members from all around the world, so there is always someone in Clan Chat!
- Regular Events: Group XP Tracked Skilling Competitions, Minigames and PvM/PvB!

- We are currently learning Group Bosses - Such as, AOD and Rots.

- Discord Voice Chat Channel to Socialize more within the Clan (clan members only)
- Finally, We do not make anything mandatory in this clan - We are all here to enjoy the game!

We have a RS Official Forum Page and Off Site.
If you also believe that this is the Clan for you, Please take a little time to fill out our Questionnaire, Just so that we can learn a little more about you!

BST Jack - Clan Overseer

Sweat n
BST Jack- Clan Overseer
Currently Recruiting

21-May-2018 14:04:25

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98 and/or 58


No requirements. All RS players are welcome.
I myself am AFK most of the time and do not talk in clan chat.
Naturall Born Skillers welcomes every type of RS player.


USA Eastern Standard Time

Citadel Tier:

Tier 1 with 1 avatar
next build tick we upgrade to Tier 2

Naturall Born Skillers
is a new clan founded by my husband and I. The name is meant to be a play on words from the movie Natural Born Killers. I decided to create this clan because as I max, I also want to create a citadel from scratch and do all the work it requires to make it to Tier 7. I am currently recruiting for all clan positions. I need
Avatar Wardens, Recruiters
Event Coordinators.

Capping at the citadel is not a requirement
However, visiting the citadel at least once per week is required.

I finally have enough weekly visitors to upgrade to Tier 2 ;) I understand that most people hate citadel work though, so if you just want to reach fealty that is fine. I do however require that even if you do not do citadel work, you at least make the weekly visit, as previously stated above.

If you are interested in joining us feel free to ask for an invite. You can pm myself or
Lucky o w o

Current Goals:

To have enough members to do skilling events.
To upgrade our Citadel beyond Tier 1
To be a friendly environment for Skillers and/or PVMers to max together
To provide help with questing, skilling and/or PVM if needed

We also have our own Clan Discord channel

message me ValTehNoob#1309

Hope to hear from you soon! :)

21-May-2018 16:32:27

Wcer Nat
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Wcer Nat

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Hey there!

I'm Leader of TKOE a clan rebuilding from the lost of all deputy owners and leader. Currently we only have 21 active members.


Easy there is none everyone and anyone is welcome! I will not force anyone to do their cap at the citadel but it would be nice if you do

What can TKOE offer you?

Citadel tier 1 working on getting the visits for tier 2
Friends from all over the world
Understanding on anything in the game
Discord channel, although many perfer not to use it
Facebook group
Youtube channel
Our own website full of mini games, game content ect.

Clan Info

Home world 119
Time zone mostly GMT and EST
Clan Owner wcer Nat17
Deputy Owners Sworn ninja, Prime of Sea (lantadyme W), Debzz

How does one move up in the clan?

Must be active ( on at least 3-4 times a week)
Must have some game knowledge
Must be friendly to new recruits
Must at least do half a cap

Feel free to guest the chat at any time or message any of the names above

Please also remember with rebuilding a clan there will not always be someone on. BUt if more people join the more will be on later on!

If you would like more information about the clan feel free to check out our forum at 290-291-280-66011544

Enjoy Scaping!
Owner of Tkoe

21-May-2018 16:33:40

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Have a look at Verum. We are a very active, mature, social clan that loves to do events together (some events listed below). We like to cap at the cit, do group skilling, host portables in the cit and like to do group bossing including raids, rots, rago, gwd1&2.

Weekly Events:
- Capping at the Citadel, with a bonus lottery drawing

- Weekly Skilling competition - each week a skill is rolled and the 3 people with the most xp gained in that skill will earn points for our seasonal competition.

Monthly Event:
Minions - the summoning plot in the cit is capped at 10% of the weekly resources, but if you time your gathering correctly, you can go over the 10%. Whoever gathers the most minions each month will get a spin on our custom made drop table. There's a chance to hit our rare drop table or even the very rare drop table winning an awesome prize.

Seasonal Event:
This runs for a 13 week period and different things count towards points including the weekly Skilling comp, caps at the cit, lottery winners, monthly event winners and points for joining or hosting events. The top 10 point earners will win a share of a generous prize pool.

We offer a clan discord that has several automatic notifications including when the Runescape twitch channel goes live and when any news articles are posted on the RS home page. We have a Google sheet for the clan to track all points and donations. We have a runeclan page where xp events are tracked. We have a post on the Runescape forum with additional details about our clan.

QFC: 290-291-705-65944432

21-May-2018 17:47:40

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°¤°´`°¤.¸.¤°´`°¤.¸.¤°´`°¤ • •
• • ¤°´`°¤.¸.¤°´`°¤.¸.¤°´`°¤°

"You cannot change what you refuse to confront."

Founded: December 22nd, 2012
- Age group Avg: 22+ yrs old (college students, F/T working, enjoying RS while chilling)
- Home World: 104
- Clan colors: Silver, gold
- Clan symbols: Fleur, hawk
- Clan citadel tier: 7

Hi IsraelSoul,
We are a mature,experienced, & friendly social clan that emphasize on loyalty. Since 2012, we pride ourselves on bringing back our past members who have diverted to irl personal goals. We welcome all members to join this lasting clan to keep up the tradition of T.U.O. and to help foster and guide each other thru our journey within Geilenor both new and current members.

We host weekly events;eg: bossing/skilling/Pengs/D&Ds (3x a week) and monthly skilling competition.

What you will witness with our clan:
• 3 avatars •
• Tier 7 Citadel •
• Friendly/Experienced/welcoming members •
• Active Discord server •
• Google Sheets of Clan events & competition information•
• International player base •
• Lots of fun events, activities, and competitions •

Majority of our clan information once invited are mainly within our Discord account. It is
a requirement but a plus to be immersed fully into the TUO family.

On behalf of T.U.O, thank you for your time and consideration. Should you need additional information feel free to click here to read more about our clan and events.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly via PM if you have any questions and/or ready to be invited :D

21-May-2018 19:19:23

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