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Draco Burnz said:
Ironman Gup said:
Ironman Gup said:
any comment if we are allowed to rig the raffle by multilogging and abusing this again?

Considering how much of a big deal you're making about this, i wouldnt be suprised if you're actually one of said persons alts.

Are you serious?
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18-Aug-2018 09:33:04

Ian Adler
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Ian Adler

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Delightful! The Raffle is a yearly joy of mine. (Truly Deathtouched Darts are worth their weight Party Hats.)
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21-Aug-2018 15:03:34

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Nex is Life said:
People crying about alts in the raffle are so funny I hope they continue to allow it

Raffle doesn't even give anything good anyway just free reaper title for people who can't PvM

Actually it does not give people a free reaper title as kills with deathtouch dart does not give a killcount.
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21-Aug-2018 17:44:46

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