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Looking good here! Cheers!

All covered!
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03-Mar-2018 17:56:27

Mad Chimp
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Mad Chimp

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Hi there,

My old clan broke up and I realise you are bumping its recruitment thread. Just hoping to save you some work so you can take it off your list.

I'm not the person that asked you to start bumping it, but the person who (I assume) did - who's thread it is - isn't the leader of that clan anymore so hopefully that's enough evidence I'm not messing you around.

It's Quick find code: 92-93-23-65535336

06-Mar-2018 14:22:34

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Hi Jokku23 and the bump team

I have taken a look at a few of the threads listed for regular bumping on your bumping service. It appears that many of the threads listed to be bumped have been long abandoned by the thread creators.

Here are just 3 examples.

Deluxe Brewery

Thread creator's last post in the RS forums - Nov 2015
Over 10 pages bumps

Rise of the Six Comp service

Thread creator's last post on that thread - Nov 2015
Over 60 pages of bumps

'Best Leeches' Fc

Thread creator's last post on that thread - March 2016
Over 50 pages of bumps.

These three threads alone show that the thread creators have not posted on their own threads in over 2 years. I am sure a lot of your other threads have been abandoned as well. Bumping abandoned threads clutters the forums as it pushes current threads down the forums, it makes more work for you and your team by bumping threads that no longer need to be bumped and it gives false hopes to forumers who post on a bumped thread and they get no reply as the thread has been long abandoned.

07-Mar-2018 11:11:45

fmod Member


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Here is a solution I would like you to consider that can help your bumping service and all forumers alike.

Put a time limit on the length of time that you will bump a thread. Then each thread owner must re-apply to continue having their threads bumped. This puts the responsibility back onto each thread owner to keep using your bump service.

I suggest you set a 2 months or 3 months at the most time limit that their threads will be bumped. By adding a time limit abandoned threads wont be bumped any more and this will save you time from bumping dead threads.

There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Set the time limit from when a thread starts using your bumping service. However this will be a pain to keep track of all the different start and finish dates.

2. A far better way to do this is to set a date when all threads need to re-apply to continue having their threads bumped.

Example: Set re-apply dates of: 1st April, 1st July, 1st October, 1st January. You can add some text in your bump logo to remind thread owners to re-apply before the cut off date. You only need to set reminder dates one month before the cut off time at other times just use your regular bump logo. Anyone who applies for your bump service a few weeks or a month before the next cut off date should not need to re-apply until the following cut off date.

You just need to keep track on your list of threads to be bumped of which threads have re-applied to continue being bumped.

Doing this will save you and your workers time by no longer needing to bump abandoned threads. Abandoned threads will no longer clutter the forums and you will keep your perfect record of not losing any threads that have applied for you bump service. You are now putting the responsibility back on the thread owners to keep having their threads bumped.

I will check back here in case you have any further questions or ideas on adding a cut off date to your service.

07-Mar-2018 11:14:32

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^ I wouldn't mind a re-applying rule for the customers (or a maximum amount of threads to be bumped, say 40, which would require old customers to re-apply once 40 new customers/threads have applied after their previous application), but IMO it should only affect customers who have applied after the rule being added. As there is currently no such rule, or a rule that states the rules could change at any point, it'd be disingenuous to do that for customers who have already agreed to the rules and followed them.

07-Mar-2018 11:53:24 - Last edited on 07-Mar-2018 11:57:48 by Blackwing

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Hi Blackwing

People that create threads should be active on them. The 3 examples I gave above show the thread creator has not posted on their own thread for over 2 years. You can take that as being abandoned by the thread owner.

If they happen to lose a thread they are welcome to make a new one.

Having the re-apply rule to existing threads signed up to the bump service will be fine as long as they are given plenty of advance notice.

customers you could start this new re-apply rule on 1st April and for
customers on the 1st July. (Thats over 3 months away). You can add a line in your bump logo to re-apply by that date. If the thread creator is active they will see the bump logo and re-apply - if they dont see it then the thread can safely be classed as abandoned.

Your bump service rules can change - especially if its a benefit for other forum users by not having abandoned threads pushed to the top all the time.

07-Mar-2018 13:44:19

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