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Friends/Family and Jagex,

I am here in search of help, not for me but a friend. I have not made many forum posts before, but this is one of our last resorts.

My friend (OSRS/RS3 game name Exsistic) are currently, and have been unable to log into the game for the last week-ish or so. She has played since 06/07, while on and off has built memories and spent countless hours on runescape/RS3.

She recently acquired a new phone number, after changing her phone number she has had for a number of years. Her google account is registered to her old phone number, which she no longer has access to. After attempting to log onto RuneScape she needed to enter her authenticator code.

The issue is she had not downloaded the authenticator on the new phone at this point, and had to gain verification from her email which was attached to her old phone number. She is having issues recovering said email, and in turn has caused her to be unable to recover her runescape account.

She has tried recovering the account, with the billing information for majority of the accounts existence available as well as majority of passwords, as well as an extremely old password only to be denied countless times.

If anyone is able to provide any assistance, or needs further clarification please message me or reply to this forum. Please, my friends and family.


22-Mar-2019 06:22:59

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Hey Kamic0!

Well for the moment if she has the correct account details like: First password, emails registered before to the account, month and year of when she created her runescape account and used payment methods, that and other information of the account then she can do a Recovery Request and put the new email which she is using. Once jagex sends you the acceptance of your appeal then proceed to desactivate the authenticator if it was activated and activate it again in the new device. For better Turn on extra security and consider enabling 2-Step Verification in her email. Maybe that is the only way in runescape.

The other way is looking arround the email verification "i lost my cell phone" may the email give you information how revery back the email.

I hope this hope you and have fun!
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Hi there

If she is getting denied recovery, she should always click on the link in the 'deny' email to find out the reasons as that is the information she needs to improve.

She should also read the Denied password resets support page for some tips about the kind of information Jagex want to see.

How quickly are the 'deny' emails arriving after she submits?
Knowing the answer to this helps us to tailor advice to you/her.
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22-Mar-2019 06:46:46

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Xluxor and Malua,

I appreciate the quick reply, and apologize for my late response.

After reading your suggestions I decided to ask what all she has attempted, and gain a bit more information. She has majority of the passwords for the account, excluding the first. After looking over the tips you suggested located in the link, I know she has majority of the payment information, as well as residency information. As far as if any of this was included in the recovery email/form, and/or if she has attempted the lost phone option to recover the email I am unaware. However, I am going to send her a link to this forum and see if she can reply on her account/create a new account to provide any additional information that may assist.

The reply email's are arriving relatively quickly, however I am unaware of an exact, or estimated time frame.

Thank you for your assistance.


25-Mar-2019 03:49:16

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Recovery is in 2 parts

1st part is the computer part.. you must get past that to get to part 2
where Jagex employees actually read the recovery form.

Just a note, everyone on the forums you are talking to other players who
try to help. Rarely do Jmods post on forums.

In the other box please have her type in other accounts she may have
played on when she played on the account needing to be recovered.
In the other box dont put friends list or whats in your bank or any
in game achievements.. those wont help a thing.

Also put in membership purchases no need to put id codes in from
other tranactions.

Make sure she is using the correct log in when she does an account
recovery. When you get back denied super fast that means she doesnt
really have the information correct.

Good luck and post back if you still need help.
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25-Mar-2019 05:30:01

Skod River
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Skod River

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If the "deny" reply comes back pretty fast , is that not a good sign at all , meaning your friend do not get past the first check , which are done by a computer.

To get past the first Check , do your friend need to focus in the creation details , do not USE any recent information , the older information the better.
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25-Mar-2019 09:34:20

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Hey guys,
Tis I exsistic. So, reading through some of your comments I want to start off with thanking you all for putting your knowledge together in helping me. The replies are very quick in coming back. In the denial email it states the only thing I need is the creation password. Well being young and that being 13 years ago, this is almost impossible for me to remember. I’ve only ever had 3 passwords for this account and I have given 2/3. Other than that I have filled every single question it asked, out. Even with the membership stuff. The only account I have ever used for RuneScape is this one here you see. I have not ever had another account. I will try the “lost my cellphone” method as I haven’t tried that yet. I’ve been working at this for close to a month now in getting the Authenticator disabled because that is honestly my only option at this point. Through RS.

Thank you all again,

25-Mar-2019 18:39:40

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