Most Traded Items

Top 100 most traded items

Trade Count
Item Members Icon Min Max Median Total
Fire runeFire rune 30.6m 195.0m 112.8m 866.4m
FeatherFeather 15.4m 113.4m 64.4m 462.9m
Zulrah's scalesZulrah's scales Yes 16.9m 97.4m 57.2m 448.7m
Pure essencePure essence 16.9m 95.5m 56.2m 428.5m
Air runeAir rune 12.9m 75.0m 43.9m 345.8m
Water runeWater rune 10.2m 82.4m 46.3m 337.3m
Mind runeMind rune 7.5m 47.8m 27.7m 215.6m
Earth runeEarth rune 6.4m 52.3m 29.4m 214.1m
Death runeDeath rune 7.4m 45.7m 26.5m 204.6m
Chaos runeChaos rune 7.0m 43.7m 25.4m 197.1m
CannonballCannonball Yes 6.8m 41.7m 24.3m 192.1m
Nature runeNature rune 6.3m 38.8m 22.5m 171.7m
Blood runeBlood rune Yes 5.4m 30.3m 17.9m 135.0m
FlaxFlax Yes 4.4m 32.8m 18.6m 125.3m
Adamant dartAdamant dart Yes 4.5m 27.3m 15.9m 124.8m
CoalCoal 3.8m 21.5m 12.6m 102.4m
Mithril dartMithril dart Yes 3.2m 17.4m 10.3m 80.5m
Law runeLaw rune 2.8m 16.7m 9.8m 71.9m
Maple logsMaple logs 1.9m 14.9m 8.4m 69.0m
Adamant dart tipAdamant dart tip Yes 2.7m 14.4m 8.5m 65.5m
Swamp tarSwamp tar Yes 2.1m 13.8m 7.9m 61.2m
Iron arrowIron arrow 2.0m 12.0m 7.0m 59.4m
Astral runeAstral rune Yes 2.0m 13.2m 7.6m 56.3m
Vial of waterVial of water 1.6m 14.2m 7.9m 55.7m
Mithril dart tipMithril dart tip Yes 2.2m 12.1m 7.1m 53.4m
GrapesGrapes 2.0m 11.7m 6.9m 52.0m
Gold oreGold ore 1.8m 11.0m 6.4m 49.9m
Oak plankOak plank Yes 1.2m 11.2m 6.2m 49.6m
Cosmic runeCosmic rune 2.0m 11.6m 6.8m 48.9m
Bone boltsBone bolts Yes 1.6m 11.8m 6.7m 48.5m
Dust runeDust rune Yes 670.1k 14.2m 7.4m 46.2m
Iron oreIron ore 1.6m 10.3m 6.0m 45.0m
Jug of waterJug of water 1.4m 10.1m 5.8m 44.4m
Steel barSteel bar 1.3m 9.7m 5.5m 43.2m
Soul runeSoul rune Yes 1.7m 10.2m 6.0m 42.9m
Rune arrowRune arrow Yes 1.3m 9.2m 5.2m 42.0m
Broad boltsBroad bolts Yes 1.4m 9.0m 5.2m 40.3m
Bow stringBow string Yes 1.3m 8.9m 5.1m 40.1m
Gold barGold bar 1.6m 8.1m 4.8m 37.1m
Yew logsYew logs 1.3m 7.9m 4.6m 35.6m
Trading sticksTrading sticks Yes 585.7k 7.9m 4.3m 33.8m
Headless arrowHeadless arrow Yes 1.0m 7.0m 4.0m 32.5m
Oak logsOak logs 954.0k 7.2m 4.1m 31.7m
JugJug 1.6m 7.9m 4.7m 30.9m
Steel arrowSteel arrow 885.8k 6.3m 3.6m 27.8m
Revenant etherRevenant ether Yes 957.6k 6.0m 3.5m 26.3m
Mahogany plankMahogany plank Yes 708.5k 5.3m 3.0m 25.5m
Lava runeLava rune Yes 833.6k 4.9m 2.9m 24.8m
Body runeBody rune 621.9k 6.4m 3.5m 23.8m
SharkShark Yes 796.9k 5.0m 2.9m 23.0m
Dragon bonesDragon bones Yes 690.2k 5.1m 2.9m 22.6m
Arrow shaftArrow shaft Yes 801.4k 5.1m 2.9m 22.5m
Red chinchompaRed chinchompa Yes 713.3k 4.4m 2.6m 22.0m
VialVial 236.3k 7.1m 3.7m 21.2m
Bronze arrowBronze arrow 611.5k 5.1m 2.9m 21.1m
Yew longbowYew longbow Yes 729.5k 4.9m 2.8m 21.0m
Jug of wineJug of wine 920.1k 4.7m 2.8m 20.3m
Molten glassMolten glass Yes 672.9k 4.6m 2.6m 20.3m
Adamant arrowAdamant arrow 566.9k 4.3m 2.4m 20.2m
Magic logsMagic logs Yes 646.0k 4.3m 2.5m 20.2m
Rune dartRune dart Yes 629.4k 4.0m 2.3m 17.8m
Mithril oreMithril ore 528.8k 3.5m 2.0m 16.7m
Yew longbow (u)Yew longbow (u) Yes 605.4k 3.6m 2.1m 16.5m
Magic longbowMagic longbow Yes 470.6k 4.0m 2.3m 16.2m
Amethyst arrowAmethyst arrow Yes 483.7k 3.6m 2.1m 15.6m
Steel dartSteel dart Yes 579.1k 3.4m 2.0m 15.5m
Adamantite barAdamantite bar 471.6k 3.5m 2.0m 15.2m
Maple longbow (u)Maple longbow (u) Yes 463.8k 3.2m 1.8m 14.5m
Air orbAir orb Yes 497.0k 3.4m 1.9m 14.4m
BattlestaffBattlestaff Yes 527.5k 3.1m 1.8m 14.2m
Raw sharkRaw shark Yes 549.2k 3.4m 2.0m 13.9m
MonkfishMonkfish Yes 518.1k 3.0m 1.8m 13.9m
Unpowered orbUnpowered orb Yes 468.8k 3.2m 1.8m 13.9m
Willow logsWillow logs 450.1k 3.7m 2.1m 13.7m
Mithril boltsMithril bolts Yes 395.6k 3.3m 1.8m 13.6m
Mithril arrowMithril arrow 387.8k 3.1m 1.8m 13.4m
Bucket of sandBucket of sand Yes 436.7k 3.1m 1.8m 13.3m
Fishing baitFishing bait 263.8k 2.8m 1.5m 13.1m
Mahogany logsMahogany logs Yes 441.8k 2.6m 1.5m 13.1m
Bolt rackBolt rack Yes 373.1k 3.0m 1.7m 13.0m
Air battlestaffAir battlestaff Yes 469.6k 3.2m 1.8m 12.8m
Runite boltsRunite bolts Yes 388.9k 2.8m 1.6m 12.6m
Gold amulet (u)Gold amulet (u) 434.0k 2.8m 1.6m 12.2m
Diamond bolts (e)Diamond bolts (e) Yes 412.8k 2.7m 1.5m 12.0m
LobsterLobster 423.3k 2.7m 1.6m 11.8m
Raw monkfishRaw monkfish Yes 445.9k 2.6m 1.5m 11.7m
SeaweedSeaweed Yes 405.6k 3.0m 1.7m 11.5m
Mithril barMithril bar 386.0k 2.5m 1.4m 11.3m
Eye of newtEye of newt 239.1k 3.0m 1.6m 11.2m
Cooked karambwanCooked karambwan Yes 359.5k 2.3m 1.4m 10.4m
Magic longbow (u)Magic longbow (u) Yes 402.7k 2.3m 1.4m 10.4m
ThreadThread 291.4k 2.6m 1.4m 10.4m
Adamant boltsAdamant bolts Yes 277.8k 2.5m 1.4m 10.2m
Manta rayManta ray Yes 414.5k 2.2m 1.3m 10.1m
Javelin shaftJavelin shaft Yes 415.5k 2.2m 1.3m 10.1m
Green dragonhideGreen dragonhide Yes 331.0k 2.1m 1.2m 10.0m
Tarromin tarTarromin tar Yes 377.6k 2.1m 1.2m 9.5m
Raw lobsterRaw lobster 331.4k 2.1m 1.2m 9.5m
Dragonstone bolt tipsDragonstone bolt tips Yes 337.9k 2.3m 1.3m 9.4m
Green dragon leatherGreen dragon leather Yes 300.6k 2.3m 1.3m 9.4m