Most Valuable Trades

Top 100 most valuable traded items (highest trade price)

Trade Price
Item Members Icon Change Min Average Max
Twisted bowTwisted bow Yes - 79.0m 1.1b 1.2b 1.2b
3rd age longsword3rd age longsword Yes - 50.0m 977.1m 1.0b 1.0b
3rd age pickaxe3rd age pickaxe Yes 0 799.8m 820.9m 841.9m
Elysian sigilElysian sigil Yes 0 638.0m 654.8m 671.6m
3rd age axe3rd age axe Yes - 26.4m 484.3m 510.2m 536.1m
Elysian spirit shieldElysian spirit shield Yes - 28.3m 481.1m 505.6m 530.0m
3rd age bow3rd age bow Yes 0 414.4m 425.4m 436.3m
Ghrazi rapierGhrazi rapier Yes - 39.7m 377.0m 401.0m 425.0m
3rd age cloak3rd age cloak Yes 0 378.1m 388.0m 398.0m
Craw's bow (u)Craw's bow (u) Yes 40.6m 155.6m 177.7m 199.8m
Sanguinesti staff (uncharged)Sanguinesti staff (unc... Yes - 5.5m 160.0m 174.2m 188.5m
Ancestral robes setAncestral robes set Yes - 8.7m 160.5m 173.0m 185.5m
Justiciar armour setJusticiar armour set Yes - 29.2m 119.5m 134.8m 150.0m
3rd age wand3rd age wand Yes 0 138.5m 142.2m 145.8m
Viggora's chainmace (u)Viggora's chainmace (u... Yes - 40.2m 94.7m 114.8m 135.0m
Arcane sigilArcane sigil Yes - 6.0m 126.8m 130.1m 133.5m
Avernic defender hiltAvernic defender hilt Yes - 18.0m 108.5m 117.1m 125.7m
Arcane spirit shieldArcane spirit shield Yes - 4.9m 112.0m 117.6m 123.2m
Dragon hunter crossbowDragon hunter crossbow... Yes - 5.1m 105.9m 110.9m 116.0m
Kodai wandKodai wand Yes - 6.1m 84.9m 92.0m 99.1m
Ancestral robe topAncestral robe top Yes - 6.1m 83.7m 90.5m 97.2m
Kodai insigniaKodai insignia Yes - 3.1m 85.2m 89.3m 93.3m
Dexterous prayer scrollDexterous prayer scrol... Yes - 5.3m 77.2m 81.0m 84.9m
Dragon clawsDragon claws Yes - 7.1m 72.0m 76.4m 80.7m
Ancestral robe bottomAncestral robe bottom Yes - 6.0m 58.4m 63.7m 69.0m
3rd age robe top3rd age robe top Yes - 1.0m 60.3m 62.9m 65.5m
Justiciar faceguardJusticiar faceguard Yes - 15.7m 50.0m 57.7m 65.5m
3rd age platelegs3rd age platelegs Yes 1.1m 59.4m 61.7m 64.0m
Spectral sigilSpectral sigil Yes 0 57.2m 58.7m 60.2m
Dragonfire wardDragonfire ward Yes - 6.7m 50.0m 55.0m 60.0m
Dragon warhammerDragon warhammer Yes - 2.6m 52.4m 55.9m 59.3m
3rd age platebody3rd age platebody Yes - 4.0m 49.5m 51.9m 54.3m
Spectral spirit shieldSpectral spirit shield... Yes - 2.7m 48.0m 50.6m 53.2m
Skeletal visageSkeletal visage Yes 2.1m 45.9m 48.2m 50.4m
Justiciar chestguardJusticiar chestguard Yes - 10.3m 34.0m 39.4m 44.9m
Saradomin hiltSaradomin hilt Yes - 265.6k 40.0m 42.3m 44.5m
Saradomin godswordSaradomin godsword Yes - 2.2m 39.5m 41.5m 43.5m
Justiciar legguardsJusticiar legguards Yes - 2.3m 38.0m 40.5m 43.0m
Elder maulElder maul Yes - 5.1m 35.4m 39.2m 43.0m
Armadyl chestplateArmadyl chestplate Yes - 2.3m 36.9m 39.4m 41.9m
3rd age range top3rd age range top Yes - 3.5m 34.4m 36.7m 39.0m
Pegasian bootsPegasian boots Yes - 994.7k 34.0m 35.8m 37.5m
Ranger bootsRanger boots Yes - 118.0k 34.3m 35.9m 37.4m
Armadyl chainskirtArmadyl chainskirt Yes - 1.4m 28.6m 31.0m 33.5m
Armadyl crossbowArmadyl crossbow Yes 11.8k 27.4m 29.4m 31.5m
Dragon full helmDragon full helm Yes - 840.1k 29.2m 30.1m 30.9m
Bandos tassetsBandos tassets Yes - 2.5m 27.3m 28.6m 30.0m
Abyssal bludgeonAbyssal bludgeon Yes - 315.5k 27.5m 28.7m 30.0m
Primordial crystalPrimordial crystal Yes - 1.6m 24.4m 26.0m 27.5m
Primordial bootsPrimordial boots Yes - 1.9m 24.8m 26.0m 27.3m
Ancient wyvern shieldAncient wyvern shield Yes 2.1m 23.6m 25.0m 26.3m
3rd age kiteshield3rd age kiteshield Yes - 432.7k 24.8m 25.5m 26.2m
Wyvern visageWyvern visage Yes 0 22.5m 23.7m 24.9m
Imbued heartImbued heart Yes - 962.8k 21.2m 22.5m 23.8m
Ankou topAnkou top Yes 728.1k 21.5m 22.3m 23.2m
Thammaron's sceptre (u)Thammaron's sceptre (u... Yes - 6.4m 17.1m 20.1m 23.1m
Amulet of eternal gloryAmulet of eternal glor... Yes - 854.6k 18.9m 19.9m 21.0m
3rd age robe3rd age robe Yes 101.7k 18.1m 19.0m 19.9m
3rd age full helmet3rd age full helmet Yes - 714.3k 16.9m 18.2m 19.5m
Ancestral hatAncestral hat Yes 15.4k 16.3m 17.3m 18.4m
Armadyl godswordArmadyl godsword Yes - 80.9k 16.9m 17.6m 18.3m
Armadyl hiltArmadyl hilt Yes - 89.4k 16.4m 17.3m 18.2m
Bandos chestplateBandos chestplate Yes - 1.2m 16.1m 17.1m 18.0m
Anguish ornament kitAnguish ornament kit Yes - 1.1m 15.2m 16.4m 17.6m
Ring of coinsRing of coins - 405.8k 15.1m 15.9m 16.7m
Dragon kiteshieldDragon kiteshield Yes 600.1k 15.1m 15.8m 16.5m
Zenyte necklaceZenyte necklace Yes 331.4k 14.6m 15.5m 16.5m
Ancient relicAncient relic Yes 17.8k 15.9m 16.0m 16.0m
Zenyte braceletZenyte bracelet Yes 0 14.2m 14.9m 15.7m
Amulet of tortureAmulet of torture Yes - 554.3k 14.0m 14.8m 15.5m
Ring of sufferingRing of suffering Yes - 622.2k 14.0m 14.7m 15.5m
Tormented braceletTormented bracelet Yes - 622.3k 13.8m 14.7m 15.5m
Necklace of anguishNecklace of anguish Yes - 590.9k 14.1m 14.7m 15.4m
Zenyte ringZenyte ring Yes 0 14.4m 14.7m 15.1m
Dragon platebodyDragon platebody Yes 383.1k 13.4m 14.0m 14.7m
ZenyteZenyte Yes 0 13.9m 14.3m 14.6m
Zenyte amuletZenyte amulet Yes 0 13.8m 14.2m 14.5m
Uncut zenyteUncut zenyte Yes 0 13.3m 13.7m 14.0m
3rd age range legs3rd age range legs Yes - 287.4k 12.8m 13.4m 13.9m
Dragon platebody ornament kitDragon platebody ornam... Yes 1.1m 11.8m 12.4m 13.0m
3rd age amulet3rd age amulet Yes - 521.2k 11.8m 12.3m 12.7m
Uncharged toxic trident (e)Uncharged toxic triden... Yes - 469.0k 11.1m 11.8m 12.5m
Ring of natureRing of nature - 173.1k 11.6m 12.0m 12.4m
Ring of the godsRing of the gods Yes - 293.2k 11.5m 11.9m 12.3m
Zenyte shardZenyte shard Yes - 427.0k 10.9m 11.4m 11.9m
Bandos godswordBandos godsword Yes - 1.0m 9.8m 10.5m 11.3m
Gilded scimitarGilded scimitar - 711.0k 10.3m 10.8m 11.2m
Bandos hiltBandos hilt Yes - 400.6k 9.9m 10.4m 10.9m
Ankou maskAnkou mask Yes 67.9k 9.7m 10.2m 10.7m
Rangers' tunicRangers' tunic Yes 120.5k 9.6m 10.1m 10.7m
Toxic staff (uncharged)Toxic staff (uncharged... Yes 426.4k 9.8m 10.2m 10.6m
Ankou's leggingsAnkou's leggings Yes - 137.0k 9.1m 9.6m 10.0m
Twisted bucklerTwisted buckler Yes 270.4k 9.0m 9.5m 10.0m
3rd age mage hat3rd age mage hat Yes - 160.8k 8.3m 9.0m 9.8m
Arcane prayer scrollArcane prayer scroll Yes - 389.5k 8.5m 9.1m 9.6m
Dinh's bulwarkDinh's bulwark Yes - 812.6k 7.6m 8.3m 9.0m
Dragon crossbowDragon crossbow Yes 493.1k 7.8m 8.3m 8.9m
Dragon limbsDragon limbs Yes 366.0k 7.5m 8.1m 8.6m
Zamorakian hastaZamorakian hasta Yes - 276.7k 7.4m 7.8m 8.1m
Ancient effigyAncient effigy Yes - 828 7.9m 8.0m 8.0m