Most Valuable Trades

Top 100 most valuable traded items (highest trade price)

Trade Price
Item Members Icon Change Min Average Max
Twisted bowTwisted bow Yes 10.4m 1.0b 1.1b 1.1b
3rd age longsword3rd age longsword Yes 9.2m 801.0m 840.9m 880.7m
3rd age pickaxe3rd age pickaxe Yes 29.2m 684.7m 701.8m 718.9m
3rd age axe3rd age axe Yes 0 548.0m 576.9m 605.7m
Elysian spirit shieldElysian spirit shield Yes 21.5m 422.2m 438.6m 455.0m
Elysian sigilElysian sigil Yes 9.7m 405.1m 422.6m 440.1m
3rd age cloak3rd age cloak Yes 15.9m 407.5m 415.9m 424.3m
3rd age bow3rd age bow Yes 9.6m 315.9m 323.8m 331.6m
Ancestral robes setAncestral robes set Yes - 6.8m 186.0m 194.5m 203.0m
3rd age wand3rd age wand Yes 0 176.5m 182.6m 188.7m
Kodai wandKodai wand Yes - 213.1k 106.7m 108.3m 110.0m
Arcane spirit shieldArcane spirit shield Yes - 1.6m 101.0m 103.0m 105.0m
Arcane sigilArcane sigil Yes 0 98.2m 101.1m 104.0m
Ancestral robe topAncestral robe top Yes - 3.5m 96.1m 100.0m 104.0m
Kodai insigniaKodai insignia Yes 0 102.2m 102.9m 103.5m
Dexterous prayer scrollDexterous prayer scrol... Yes - 3.6m 67.7m 73.3m 79.0m
Ancestral robe bottomAncestral robe bottom Yes - 2.7m 71.1m 74.1m 77.0m
Dragon clawsDragon claws Yes - 4.0m 68.5m 72.5m 76.5m
3rd age platelegs3rd age platelegs Yes 6.9m 62.2m 67.8m 73.5m
Dragon warhammerDragon warhammer Yes 101.7k 65.5m 67.3m 69.0m
3rd age platebody3rd age platebody Yes - 12.1k 62.0m 64.3m 66.6m
3rd age robe top3rd age robe top Yes - 98.5k 58.4m 60.7m 63.0m
Spectral sigilSpectral sigil Yes - 224.3k 43.1m 44.8m 46.6m
Spectral spirit shieldSpectral spirit shield... Yes 1.3m 43.2m 44.6m 46.0m
Elder maulElder maul Yes 292.6k 40.0m 41.6m 43.2m
Saradomin hiltSaradomin hilt Yes 0 40.2m 41.1m 42.0m
Saradomin godswordSaradomin godsword Yes - 355.7k 39.0m 40.0m 40.9m
3rd age kiteshield3rd age kiteshield Yes 123.1k 34.9m 35.9m 37.0m
Ancient wyvern shieldAncient wyvern shield Yes 0 32.9m 34.5m 36.0m
Armadyl chestplateArmadyl chestplate Yes 163.2k 32.0m 33.4m 34.9m
Pegasian bootsPegasian boots Yes - 991.2k 30.0m 31.3m 32.6m
Ranger bootsRanger boots Yes - 1.1m 29.6m 31.0m 32.5m
Dragon hunter crossbowDragon hunter crossbow... Yes 8.2m 24.6m 28.2m 31.9m
3rd age robe3rd age robe Yes - 3.0m 25.7m 28.7m 31.6m
Armadyl chainskirtArmadyl chainskirt Yes 836.6k 27.6m 29.1m 30.5m
Abyssal bludgeonAbyssal bludgeon Yes 201.1k 25.2m 26.1m 27.0m
Bandos tassetsBandos tassets Yes - 211.5k 25.8m 26.2m 26.7m
3rd age range top3rd age range top Yes 899.1k 23.6m 24.8m 25.9m
Dragon full helmDragon full helm Yes 1.8m 23.8m 24.8m 25.9m
Armadyl crossbowArmadyl crossbow Yes - 199.7k 22.5m 23.7m 25.0m
Armadyl hiltArmadyl hilt Yes 0 22.9m 23.5m 24.1m
Amulet of eternal gloryAmulet of eternal glor... Yes 522.3k 21.5m 22.2m 23.0m
Armadyl godswordArmadyl godsword Yes 292.0k 20.3m 21.5m 22.6m
3rd age full helmet3rd age full helmet Yes 569.6k 20.0m 21.0m 22.1m
Primordial bootsPrimordial boots Yes - 932.2k 20.5m 21.3m 22.0m
Primordial crystalPrimordial crystal Yes 1.1m 20.5m 21.1m 21.6m
Ankou topAnkou top Yes - 1.0m 20.4m 20.9m 21.4m
Wyvern visageWyvern visage Yes 0 20.1m 20.6m 21.1m
Dragonfire wardDragonfire ward Yes 2.6m 18.9m 19.8m 20.7m
Imbued heartImbued heart Yes - 622.2k 17.3m 17.9m 18.4m
Ancestral hatAncestral hat Yes - 467.4k 16.7m 17.4m 18.0m
Skeletal visageSkeletal visage Yes 708.6k 15.6m 16.0m 16.3m
Ankou's leggingsAnkou's leggings Yes 0 14.6m 15.3m 16.1m
3rd age range legs3rd age range legs Yes - 62.6k 15.1m 15.6m 16.0m
Bandos chestplateBandos chestplate Yes 560.0k 13.9m 14.6m 15.4m
Ring of coinsRing of coins - 1.1m 13.5m 14.2m 14.9m
Twisted bucklerTwisted buckler Yes 73.3k 13.3m 14.0m 14.7m
Uncut zenyteUncut zenyte Yes 0 13.1m 13.8m 14.5m
ZenyteZenyte Yes 0 13.1m 13.8m 14.5m
Zenyte ringZenyte ring Yes 0 13.5m 13.9m 14.2m
Zenyte braceletZenyte bracelet Yes 0 12.8m 13.5m 14.1m
Dragonbone necklaceDragonbone necklace Yes - 4.4m 10.9m 12.5m 14.0m
Zenyte amuletZenyte amulet Yes 0 12.4m 13.1m 13.8m
3rd age amulet3rd age amulet Yes - 2.6m 11.8m 12.8m 13.7m
Arcane prayer scrollArcane prayer scroll Yes - 938.8k 11.5m 12.3m 13.1m
Zenyte necklaceZenyte necklace Yes 0 11.7m 12.3m 12.9m
Ring of sufferingRing of suffering Yes - 220.3k 11.8m 12.2m 12.7m
Tormented braceletTormented bracelet Yes - 257.0k 11.7m 12.2m 12.7m
Amulet of tortureAmulet of torture Yes - 181.9k 11.5m 12.1m 12.6m
Necklace of anguishNecklace of anguish Yes - 198.5k 11.8m 12.2m 12.6m
Ring of natureRing of nature - 1.1m 10.2m 10.4m 10.7m
3rd age mage hat3rd age mage hat Yes 63.6k 9.9m 10.3m 10.7m
Zamorakian spearZamorakian spear Yes 351.6k 8.9m 9.7m 10.4m
Zamorakian hastaZamorakian hasta Yes 388.9k 9.1m 9.8m 10.4m
3rd age range coif3rd age range coif Yes - 86.3k 9.5m 9.8m 10.2m
Gilded scimitarGilded scimitar - 286.4k 9.5m 9.8m 10.1m
Bandos godswordBandos godsword Yes 2.7m 7.1m 8.6m 10.0m
Ankou maskAnkou mask Yes - 343.2k 8.6m 9.3m 9.9m
Ring of the godsRing of the gods Yes - 273.4k 9.0m 9.3m 9.6m
Zenyte shardZenyte shard Yes - 322.5k 8.8m 9.1m 9.5m
Rangers' tunicRangers' tunic Yes 527.7k 8.0m 8.5m 9.0m
Dragonfire shieldDragonfire shield Yes 44.5k 7.8m 8.3m 8.8m
Draconic visageDraconic visage Yes - 753.2k 8.2m 8.4m 8.7m
Dinh's bulwarkDinh's bulwark Yes 438.2k 7.5m 7.9m 8.4m
Dragon platebodyDragon platebody Yes 1.5m 7.0m 7.6m 8.2m
Toxic staff (uncharged)Toxic staff (uncharged... Yes - 72.1k 7.4m 7.8m 8.2m
Saradomin godsword ornament kitSaradomin godsword orn... Yes 267.6k 7.1m 7.5m 7.8m
Pirate's hookPirate's hook Yes 0 7.0m 7.3m 7.7m
Eternal gemEternal gem Yes - 260.7k 6.5m 6.9m 7.2m
3rd age vambraces3rd age vambraces Yes - 359.4k 6.5m 6.7m 6.8m
Gilded bootsGilded boots Yes - 599.1k 6.1m 6.5m 6.8m
Guardian bootsGuardian boots Yes - 124.2k 5.9m 6.2m 6.5m
Abyssal dagger (p+)Abyssal dagger (p+) Yes 0 5.8m 6.1m 6.3m
Abyssal dagger (p)Abyssal dagger (p) Yes 0 5.8m 6.0m 6.2m
Torture ornament kitTorture ornament kit Yes 52.5k 5.4m 5.7m 6.0m
Gilded armour set (lg)Gilded armour set (lg)... - 174.5k 5.2m 5.4m 5.6m
Ankou glovesAnkou gloves Yes 238.0k 5.3m 5.4m 5.6m
Abyssal dagger (p++)Abyssal dagger (p++) Yes 166.7k 4.8m 5.1m 5.4m
Abyssal daggerAbyssal dagger Yes 70.4k 4.9m 5.1m 5.4m
Bandos hiltBandos hilt Yes 450.4k 4.9m 5.1m 5.3m