Grand Exchange


Item Members Icon Price Change
Ahrim's hood Ahrim's hood Yes 327.2k 0
Ahrim's hood (broken) Ahrim's hood (broken) Yes 58.3k 0
Ahrim's robe skirt Ahrim's robe skirt Yes 416.0k - 5,162
Ahrim's robe skirt (broken) Ahrim's robe skirt (brok... Yes 549.4k 0
Ahrim's robe top Ahrim's robe top Yes 1.2m 0
Ahrim's robe top (broken) Ahrim's robe top (broken... Yes 1.8m 0
Anima Core body of Seren Anima Core body of Seren... Yes 21.6m 0
Anima Core body of Sliske Anima Core body of Slisk... Yes 16.2m 0
Anima Core helm of Seren Anima Core helm of Seren... Yes 21.2m +483.1k
Anima Core helm of Sliske Anima Core helm of Slisk... Yes 15.3m 0
Anima Core legs of Seren Anima Core legs of Seren... Yes 21.5m 0
Anima Core legs of Sliske Anima Core legs of Slisk... Yes 16.4m 0
Barrows - Ahrim's set Barrows - Ahrim's set Yes 4.7m 0
Battle hood 0 Battle hood 0 48.8k 0
Battle robe bottom 0 Battle robe bottom 0 613.0k 0
Battle robe top 0 Battle robe top 0 1.2m 0
Batwing boots Batwing boots 1,632 +18
Batwing gloves Batwing gloves 1,567 - 60
Batwing hood Batwing hood 3,020 +76
Batwing legs Batwing legs 3,871 0
Batwing shield Batwing shield 3,019 0
Batwing torso Batwing torso 5,044 0
Black robe top Black robe top 253 - 10
Body body Body body Yes 3,661 +171
Body boots Body boots Yes 39.9k 0
Body gloves Body gloves Yes 33.5k 0
Body helmet Body helmet Yes 6,191 0
Body shield Body shield Yes 8,024 0
Boots of subjugation Boots of subjugation Yes 1.2m - 7,513
Celestial handwraps Celestial handwraps Yes 3.8m 0
Chaos body Chaos body Yes 3,485 0
Chaos boots Chaos boots Yes 2,962 0
Chaos gloves Chaos gloves Yes 6,300 0
Chaos helmet Chaos helmet Yes 3,328 0
Chaos shield Chaos shield Yes 22.3k +916
Corrupt Zuriel's hood Corrupt Zuriel's hood Yes 43.5k 0
Corrupt Zuriel's robe bottom Corrupt Zuriel's robe bo... Yes 166.1k 0
Corrupt Zuriel's robe top Corrupt Zuriel's robe to... Yes 212.1k 0
Cosmic body Cosmic body Yes 8,136 0
Cosmic boots Cosmic boots Yes 23.8k 0
Cosmic gloves Cosmic gloves Yes 2,313 0
Cosmic helmet Cosmic helmet Yes 2,314 0
Cosmic shield Cosmic shield Yes 4,373 0
Crystal body Crystal body Yes 451.5k 0
Crystal helm Crystal helm Yes 375.0k 0
Crystal legs Crystal legs Yes 464.1k 0
Crystal ward Crystal ward Yes 130.2k 0
Dagon'hai hat Dagon'hai hat Yes 68.1k 0
Dagon'hai robe bottom Dagon'hai robe bottom Yes 50.5k 0
Dagon'hai robe top Dagon'hai robe top Yes 74.0k 0
Dagon'hai robes set Dagon'hai robes set Yes 259.5k 0
Dark mystic robes set Dark mystic robes set 391.6k 0
Dormant Anima Core body Dormant Anima Core body Yes 119.0k 0
Dormant Anima Core helm Dormant Anima Core helm Yes 117.1k 0
Dormant Anima Core legs Dormant Anima Core legs Yes 117.3k 0
Dragon ward Dragon ward Yes 31.3k 0
Druidic mage bottom 0 Druidic mage bottom 0 92.1k 0
Druidic mage hood 0 Druidic mage hood 0 6,806 0
Druidic mage top 0 Druidic mage top 0 60.5k 0
Elemental body Elemental body Yes 3,123 0
Elemental boots Elemental boots Yes 6,344 0
Elemental gloves Elemental gloves Yes 5,256 0
Elemental helmet Elemental helmet Yes 108 0
Elemental shield Elemental shield Yes 11.0k 0
Enchanted hat Enchanted hat Yes 16.4k 0
Enchanted robe Enchanted robe Yes 63.4k 0
Enchanted top Enchanted top Yes 96.0k 0
Farseer helm Farseer helm Yes 44.8k 0
Fungal leggings Fungal leggings Yes 7,025 0
Fungal poncho Fungal poncho Yes 13.8k 0
Fungal visor Fungal visor Yes 3,707 0
Ganodermic leggings Ganodermic leggings Yes 347.0k +10.9k
Ganodermic poncho Ganodermic poncho Yes 1.2m +36.7k
Ganodermic visor Ganodermic visor Yes 120.7k 0
Garb of subjugation Garb of subjugation Yes 3.3m +92.6k
Gloves of subjugation Gloves of subjugation Yes 1.1m - 5,201
Gown of subjugation Gown of subjugation Yes 2.7m +23.0k
Grifolic gloves Grifolic gloves Yes 4,102 0
Grifolic leggings Grifolic leggings Yes 297.0k 0
Grifolic poncho Grifolic poncho Yes 837.2k 0
Grifolic visor Grifolic visor Yes 105.4k 0
Hailfire boots Hailfire boots Yes 47.1m 0
Hexcrest Hexcrest Yes 607.5k +28.7k
Hood of subjugation Hood of subjugation Yes 967.4k - 23.0k
Imphide boots Imphide boots 337 0
Imphide gloves Imphide gloves 376 0
Imphide hood Imphide hood 587 0
Imphide robe bottom Imphide robe bottom 1,003 +11
Imphide robe top Imphide robe top 1,253 0
Imphide shield Imphide shield 306 0
Infinity boots Infinity boots Yes 185.6k 0
Infinity bottoms Infinity bottoms Yes 7.0m 0
Infinity gloves Infinity gloves Yes 1.3m 0
Infinity hat Infinity hat Yes 6.9m 0
Infinity robes set Infinity robes set Yes 24.2m 0
Infinity top Infinity top Yes 6.7m 0
Light mystic robes set Light mystic robes set 1.1m 0
Mages' book Mages' book Yes 132.8k 0
Merciless kiteshield Merciless kiteshield Yes 3.5m 0
Mind body Mind body Yes 16.4k 0