Grand Exchange


Item Members Icon Price Change
Abyssal orb Abyssal orb Yes 101.9k 0
Abyssal wand Abyssal wand Yes 100.0k - 445
Ahrim's book of magic Ahrim's book of magic Yes 533.3k 0
Ahrim's book of magic (broken) Ahrim's book of magic (b... Yes 148.0k 0
Ahrim's staff Ahrim's staff Yes 2.6m 0
Ahrim's staff (broken) Ahrim's staff (broken) Yes 991.4k 0
Ahrim's wand Ahrim's wand Yes 399.6k 0
Ahrim's wand (broken) Ahrim's wand (broken) Yes 48.4k 0
Air battlestaff Air battlestaff Yes 7,995 +34
Ancient staff Ancient staff Yes 58.8k 0
Apprentice wand Apprentice wand Yes 106.4k 0
Bat book Bat book 7,517 0
Bat staff Bat staff Yes 43.7k 0
Bat wand Bat wand 10.6k +182
Battlestaff Battlestaff Yes 6,962 +54
Beginner wand Beginner wand Yes 63.2k 0
Cat staff Cat staff Yes 45.3k 0
Corrupt Zuriel's staff Corrupt Zuriel's staff Yes 103.3k 0
Crystal orb Crystal orb Yes 229.4k 0
Crystal staff Crystal staff Yes 237.7k 0
Crystal wand Crystal wand Yes 225.4k 0
Dormant Staff of Sliske Dormant Staff of Sliske Yes 792.6m 0
Dragon battlestaff Dragon battlestaff Yes 211.5k 0
Dragon staff Dragon staff Yes 44.8k 0
Earth battlestaff Earth battlestaff Yes 8,375 - 30
Fire battlestaff Fire battlestaff Yes 8,110 +24
Grifolic orb Grifolic orb Yes 27.6k - 252
Grifolic wand Grifolic wand Yes 28.3k 0
Guthix crozier Guthix crozier Yes 31.4k 0
Imp horn wand Imp horn wand 1,789 - 37
Imperium core Imperium core Yes 142.6m 0
Imphide book Imphide book 1,301 0
Lava battlestaff Lava battlestaff Yes 8,758 - 128
Magic staff Magic staff 1,016 0
Master wand Master wand Yes 290.4k 0
Mud battlestaff Mud battlestaff Yes 26.4k 0
Mystic air staff Mystic air staff Yes 23.9k +376
Mystic earth staff Mystic earth staff Yes 23.6k +854
Mystic fire staff Mystic fire staff Yes 24.2k +781
Mystic lava staff Mystic lava staff Yes 52.2k - 1,185
Mystic mud staff Mystic mud staff Yes 69.4k 0
Mystic orb Mystic orb 22.5k 0
Mystic steam staff Mystic steam staff Yes 78.7k 0
Mystic wand Mystic wand 32.5k +61
Mystic water staff Mystic water staff Yes 23.8k - 182
Noxious staff Noxious staff Yes 126.9m - 1.2m
Obliteration Obliteration Yes 57.9m 0
Penguin staff Penguin staff Yes 41.4k 0
Polypore staff Polypore staff Yes 1.5m 0
Polypore stick Polypore stick Yes 41.7k 0
Saradomin crozier Saradomin crozier Yes 44.9k +2,117
Seismic singularity Seismic singularity Yes 73.8m - 3.8m
Seismic wand Seismic wand Yes 208.5m 0
Slayer's staff Slayer's staff Yes 21.5k 0
Spider orb Spider orb 2,208 0
Spider wand Spider wand 2,230 - 80
Splitbark orb Splitbark orb 19.1k - 5
Splitbark wand Splitbark wand 12.9k - 134
Staff Staff 955 +9
Staff of air Staff of air 1,232 +14
Staff of earth Staff of earth 1,716 +44
Staff of fire Staff of fire 1,595 - 2
Staff of light Staff of light Yes 605.2k - 27.5k
Staff of Sliske Staff of Sliske Yes 2.1b 0
Staff of water Staff of water 1,431 0
Steam battlestaff Steam battlestaff Yes 27.6k 0
Teacher wand Teacher wand Yes 1.2m 0
Toktz-mej-tal Toktz-mej-tal Yes 75.2k 0
Virtus book Virtus book Yes 4.9m 0
Virtus wand Virtus wand Yes 5.6m 0
Wand of the Cywir elders Wand of the Cywir elders... Yes 18.9m 0
Wand of the praesul Wand of the praesul Yes 292.7m +12.4m
Wand of treachery Wand of treachery Yes 54.1k 0
Water battlestaff Water battlestaff Yes 8,307 - 9
White magic staff White magic staff Yes 3,802 0
Wizard wand Wizard wand 2,411 0
Wizard's book Wizard's book 1,088 0
Wolf staff Wolf staff Yes 40.4k 0
Zamorak crozier Zamorak crozier Yes 24.0k 0
Zuriel's staff Zuriel's staff Yes 6.1m 0