Grand Exchange


Item Members Icon Price Change
Adamant armour set (lg) Adamant armour set (lg) 24.9k 0
Adamant armour set (sk) Adamant armour set (sk) 27.1k 0
Adamant berserker shield 0 Adamant berserker shield... 20.5k 0
Adamant boots Adamant boots 2,011 +67
Adamant chainbody Adamant chainbody 3,519 +4
Adamant full helm Adamant full helm 1,938 +29
Adamant full helm (g) Adamant full helm (g) 86.4k - 3,649
Adamant full helm (t) Adamant full helm (t) 31.0k - 1,274
Adamant gauntlets Adamant gauntlets 2,290 - 22
Adamant helm Adamant helm 2,208 0
Adamant helm (h1) Adamant helm (h1) 479.6k - 20.4k
Adamant helm (h2) Adamant helm (h2) 448.2k - 19.8k
Adamant helm (h3) Adamant helm (h3) 437.7k - 23.0k
Adamant helm (h4) Adamant helm (h4) 454.1k - 23.9k
Adamant helm (h5) Adamant helm (h5) 426.7k - 18.5k
Adamant kiteshield Adamant kiteshield 6,576 - 5
Adamant kiteshield (g) Adamant kiteshield (g) 33.2k - 1,305
Adamant kiteshield (t) Adamant kiteshield (t) 21.9k - 924
Adamant platebody Adamant platebody 9,021 +7
Adamant platebody (g) Adamant platebody (g) 180.3k - 7,495
Adamant platebody (h1) Adamant platebody (h1) 462.6k - 19.8k
Adamant platebody (h2) Adamant platebody (h2) 425.7k - 22.4k
Adamant platebody (h3) Adamant platebody (h3) 434.3k - 22.9k
Adamant platebody (h4) Adamant platebody (h4) 395.8k - 17.7k
Adamant platebody (h5) Adamant platebody (h5) 402.5k - 21.2k
Adamant platebody (t) Adamant platebody (t) 28.2k - 1,189
Adamant platelegs Adamant platelegs 3,450 - 42
Adamant platelegs (g) Adamant platelegs (g) 63.7k - 2,143
Adamant platelegs (h1) Adamant platelegs (h1) 404.6k - 21.3k
Adamant platelegs (h2) Adamant platelegs (h2) 427.3k - 17.7k
Adamant platelegs (h3) Adamant platelegs (h3) 426.7k - 19.5k
Adamant platelegs (h4) Adamant platelegs (h4) 441.0k - 21.0k
Adamant platelegs (h5) Adamant platelegs (h5) 426.3k - 18.4k
Adamant platelegs (t) Adamant platelegs (t) 15.2k - 583
Adamant plateskirt Adamant plateskirt 3,441 0
Adamant plateskirt (g) Adamant plateskirt (g) 5,382 +8
Adamant plateskirt (h1) Adamant plateskirt (h1) 412.4k - 18.2k
Adamant plateskirt (h2) Adamant plateskirt (h2) 368.1k - 15.9k
Adamant plateskirt (h3) Adamant plateskirt (h3) 425.1k - 19.3k
Adamant plateskirt (h4) Adamant plateskirt (h4) 368.1k - 16.0k
Adamant plateskirt (h5) Adamant plateskirt (h5) 394.2k - 17.0k
Adamant plateskirt (t) Adamant plateskirt (t) 4,343 - 133
Adamant shield (h1) Adamant shield (h1) 424.1k - 18.2k
Adamant shield (h2) Adamant shield (h2) 423.9k - 18.6k
Adamant shield (h3) Adamant shield (h3) 370.2k - 16.3k
Adamant shield (h4) Adamant shield (h4) 370.1k - 15.5k
Adamant shield (h5) Adamant shield (h5) 407.5k - 16.8k
Adamant spikeshield 0 Adamant spikeshield 0 5,096 0
Adamant sq shield Adamant sq shield 4,621 +172
Anti-dragon shield Anti-dragon shield 808 +28
Backstab cape Backstab cape Yes 1.7m 0
Bag of clues Bag of clues Yes 431.8k 0
Black armour set (lg) Black armour set (lg) 15.8k 0
Black armour set (sk) Black armour set (sk) 15.9k 0
Black boots Black boots 951 0
Black chainbody Black chainbody 2,620 +24
Black full helm Black full helm 1,425 +68
Black full helm (g) Black full helm (g) 110.0k - 5,788
Black full helm (t) Black full helm (t) 22.9k - 609
Black gauntlets Black gauntlets 1,858 - 5
Black helm Black helm 1,742 0
Black helm (h1) Black helm (h1) 510.8k - 26.9k
Black helm (h2) Black helm (h2) 480.1k - 25.3k
Black helm (h3) Black helm (h3) 488.9k - 25.7k
Black helm (h4) Black helm (h4) 477.2k - 25.1k
Black helm (h5) Black helm (h5) 473.4k - 24.9k
Black kiteshield Black kiteshield 3,099 - 164
Black kiteshield (g) Black kiteshield (g) 58.6k - 2,231
Black kiteshield (t) Black kiteshield (t) 27.1k - 1,076
Black mask Black mask Yes 1.9m 0
Black mask (10) Black mask (10) Yes 1.0m 0
Black platebody Black platebody 2,195 +3
Black platebody (g) Black platebody (g) 175.2k - 8,277
Black platebody (h1) Black platebody (h1) 513.0k - 27.0k
Black platebody (h2) Black platebody (h2) 488.1k - 22.3k
Black platebody (h3) Black platebody (h3) 495.4k - 26.1k
Black platebody (h4) Black platebody (h4) 391.2k - 20.6k
Black platebody (h5) Black platebody (h5) 367.5k - 16.1k
Black platebody (t) Black platebody (t) 43.4k - 190
Black platelegs Black platelegs 2,812 0
Black platelegs (g) Black platelegs (g) 117.6k - 4,217
Black platelegs (h1) Black platelegs (h1) 494.2k - 22.2k
Black platelegs (h2) Black platelegs (h2) 520.3k - 23.7k
Black platelegs (h3) Black platelegs (h3) 474.2k - 25.0k
Black platelegs (h4) Black platelegs (h4) 383.3k - 20.2k
Black platelegs (h5) Black platelegs (h5) 501.6k - 22.9k
Black platelegs (t) Black platelegs (t) 24.2k - 536
Black plateskirt Black plateskirt 2,547 0
Black plateskirt (g) Black plateskirt (g) 14.6k - 564
Black plateskirt (h1) Black plateskirt (h1) 521.5k - 24.2k
Black plateskirt (h2) Black plateskirt (h2) 461.3k - 20.2k
Black plateskirt (h3) Black plateskirt (h3) 460.5k - 21.4k
Black plateskirt (h4) Black plateskirt (h4) 502.2k - 23.2k
Black plateskirt (h5) Black plateskirt (h5) 371.4k - 16.6k
Black plateskirt (t) Black plateskirt (t) 1,992 - 77
Black shield (h1) Black shield (h1) 491.7k - 21.9k
Black shield (h2) Black shield (h2) 508.2k - 26.8k
Black shield (h3) Black shield (h3) 502.6k - 23.4k
Black shield (h4) Black shield (h4) 425.5k - 22.4k
Black shield (h5) Black shield (h5) 430.1k - 18.4k