Grand Exchange


Item Members Icon Price Change
Blade of Avaryss Blade of Avaryss Yes 865.2k +18.7k
Blade of Nymora Blade of Nymora Yes 939.8k +6,845
Brackish blade Brackish blade Yes 149.9k 0
Brine sabre Brine sabre Yes 862.1k 0
Cleaver Cleaver Yes 15.6k 0
Corrupt dragon battleaxe Corrupt dragon battleaxe... 261.6k 0
Corrupt dragon dagger Corrupt dragon dagger 120.8k +813
Corrupt dragon longsword Corrupt dragon longsword... 170.4k 0
Corrupt dragon mace Corrupt dragon mace 154.2k 0
Corrupt dragon scimitar Corrupt dragon scimitar 268.5k 0
Corrupt dragon spear Corrupt dragon spear 4.2m 0
Crystal dagger Crystal dagger Yes 231.9k - 9,267
Crystal halberd Crystal halberd Yes 253.2k 0
Dragon 2h sword Dragon 2h sword Yes 147.1k - 4,085
Dragon battleaxe Dragon battleaxe Yes 118.0k +765
Dragon claw Dragon claw Yes 169.9k - 2,284
Dragon dagger Dragon dagger Yes 19.0k 0
Dragon halberd Dragon halberd Yes 204.1k 0
Dragon hasta Dragon hasta Yes 28.9k 0
Dragon longsword Dragon longsword Yes 55.1k - 177
Dragon mace Dragon mace Yes 26.9k - 668
Dragon Rider lance Dragon Rider lance Yes 23.9m - 92.9k
Dragon scimitar Dragon scimitar Yes 59.1k - 108
Dragon spear Dragon spear Yes 37.3k 0
Dragon warhammer Dragon warhammer Yes 211.2k 0
Granite mace Granite mace Yes 23.5k 0
Granite maul Granite maul Yes 27.9k 0
Gud raider axe Gud raider axe 16.5m 0
Kitchen knife Kitchen knife Yes 5,768 0
Leaf-bladed sword Leaf-bladed sword Yes 39.6k +377
Meat tenderiser Meat tenderiser Yes 24.3k 0
Off-hand crystal dagger Off-hand crystal dagger Yes 248.1k 0
Off-hand dragon battleaxe Off-hand dragon battleax... Yes 127.2k 0
Off-hand dragon claw Off-hand dragon claw Yes 112.9k 0
Off-hand dragon dagger Off-hand dragon dagger Yes 19.0k 0
Off-hand dragon longsword Off-hand dragon longswor... Yes 101.3k +54
Off-hand dragon mace Off-hand dragon mace Yes 46.1k 0
Off-hand dragon scimitar Off-hand dragon scimitar... Yes 98.8k +235
Off-hand dragon warhammer Off-hand dragon warhamme... Yes 51.5k 0
Off-hand leaf-bladed sword Off-hand leaf-bladed swo... Yes 38.7k +187
Off-hand ripper claw Off-hand ripper claw Yes 6.4m 0
Off-hand rune battleaxe Off-hand rune battleaxe 25.1k 0
Off-hand rune claw Off-hand rune claw Yes 7,756 0
Off-hand rune dagger Off-hand rune dagger 4,148 +84
Off-hand rune longsword Off-hand rune longsword 17.4k - 13
Off-hand rune mace Off-hand rune mace 7,394 0
Off-hand rune scimitar Off-hand rune scimitar 23.7k - 28
Off-hand rune sword Off-hand rune sword 11.7k 0
Off-hand rune warhammer Off-hand rune warhammer 26.3k 0
Ripper claw Ripper claw Yes 5.5m 0
Rolling pin Rolling pin Yes 8,499 0
Rune 2h sword Rune 2h sword 36.6k +26
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe 23.4k +65
Rune cane Rune cane Yes 46.7k +2,184
Rune claw Rune claw Yes 13.6k 0
Rune dagger Rune dagger 3,438 - 134
Rune halberd Rune halberd Yes 74.5k - 101
Rune hasta Rune hasta Yes 16.2k 0
Rune longsword Rune longsword 17.7k +68
Rune mace Rune mace 6,758 - 46
Rune scimitar Rune scimitar 14.8k - 4
Rune spear Rune spear Yes 10.3k +22
Rune sword Rune sword 11.9k 0
Rune warhammer Rune warhammer 22.7k +184
Toktz-xil-ak Toktz-xil-ak Yes 21.7k 0
Toktz-xil-ek Toktz-xil-ek Yes 13.2k 0
Tzhaar-ket-em Tzhaar-ket-em Yes 16.4k 0
Tzhaar-ket-om Tzhaar-ket-om Yes 35.5k 0
Wilderness hilt Wilderness hilt Yes 3.5m 0