Grand Exchange


Item Members Icon Price Change
Ancient body Ancient body Yes 7,512 +164
Ancient chaps Ancient chaps Yes 5,896 0
Ancient coif Ancient coif Yes 6,519 0
Ancient vambraces Ancient vambraces Yes 3,963 0
Anima Core body of Zamorak Anima Core body of Zamor... Yes 11.8m 0
Anima Core helm of Zamorak Anima Core helm of Zamor... Yes 11.5m 0
Anima Core legs of Zamorak Anima Core legs of Zamor... Yes 11.7m 0
Archer helm Archer helm Yes 44.2k 0
Armadyl body Armadyl body Yes 36.2k 0
Armadyl boots Armadyl boots Yes 2.9m +91.3k
Armadyl buckler Armadyl buckler Yes 2.3m - 9,359
Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl chainskirt Yes 3.6m +137.9k
Armadyl chaps Armadyl chaps Yes 11.1k 0
Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chestplate Yes 4.1m +96.6k
Armadyl coif Armadyl coif Yes 16.9k 0
Armadyl gloves Armadyl gloves Yes 2.3m +7,485
Armadyl helmet Armadyl helmet Yes 2.3m +67.5k
Armadyl vambraces Armadyl vambraces Yes 11.4k 0
Arrowstorm drape Arrowstorm drape 290 0
Ascension grips Ascension grips Yes 3.7m - 123.7k
Bandos body Bandos body Yes 8,261 +169
Bandos chaps Bandos chaps Yes 13.2k 0
Bandos coif Bandos coif Yes 7,274 0
Bandos vambraces Bandos vambraces Yes 5,634 0
Barrows - Karil's set Barrows - Karil's set Yes 6.4m 0
Basilisk boots Basilisk boots Yes 4,446 - 4
Black dragonhide body Black dragonhide body Yes 7,055 +9
Black dragonhide chaps Black dragonhide chaps Yes 3,671 +110
Black dragonhide coif Black dragonhide coif Yes 2,576 +108
Black dragonhide set Black dragonhide set Yes 16.5k +112
Black dragonhide shield Black dragonhide shield Yes 9,427 +95
Black dragonhide vambraces Black dragonhide vambrac... Yes 1,935 - 102
Black spiky vambraces Black spiky vambraces Yes 2,463 0
Blue dragonhide body Blue dragonhide body 4,976 - 38
Blue dragonhide body (g) Blue dragonhide body (g)... 21.4k 0
Blue dragonhide body (t) Blue dragonhide body (t)... 40.8k +1,181
Blue dragonhide chaps Blue dragonhide chaps 3,212 - 12
Blue dragonhide chaps (g) Blue dragonhide chaps (g... 37.0k +1,422
Blue dragonhide chaps (t) Blue dragonhide chaps (t... 26.3k 0
Blue dragonhide coif Blue dragonhide coif 1,493 - 79
Blue dragonhide set Blue dragonhide set 11.7k +222
Blue dragonhide shield Blue dragonhide shield 6,491 0
Blue dragonhide vambraces Blue dragonhide vambrace... 1,268 - 31
Blue spiky vambraces Blue spiky vambraces Yes 1,589 0
Carapace boots Carapace boots 777 - 11
Carapace gloves Carapace gloves 859 0
Carapace helm Carapace helm 1,112 - 12
Carapace legs Carapace legs 1,537 - 29
Carapace torso Carapace torso 1,935 0
Coif Coif 331 - 3
Corrupt Morrigan's coif Corrupt Morrigan's coif Yes 33.1k 0
Corrupt Morrigan's leather body Corrupt Morrigan's leath... Yes 127.4k 0
Corrupt Morrigan's leather chaps Corrupt Morrigan's leath... Yes 73.4k 0
Crystal deflector Crystal deflector Yes 113.8k 0
Demon slayer boots Demon slayer boots Yes 448.3k +5,528
Demon slayer circlet Demon slayer circlet Yes 32.9k 0
Demon slayer gloves Demon slayer gloves Yes 86.2k 0
Demon slayer skirt Demon slayer skirt Yes 47.9k +692
Demon slayer torso Demon slayer torso Yes 55.1k - 747
Dragonhide chaps (g) Dragonhide chaps (g) 78.7k 0
Dragonhide chaps (t) Dragonhide chaps (t) 28.2k 0
Flarefrost boots Flarefrost boots Yes 50.0m 0
Focus sight Focus sight Yes 52.7k +308
Frog-leather body Frog-leather body Yes 1,754 0
Frog-leather boots Frog-leather boots Yes 2,062 0
Frog-leather chaps Frog-leather chaps Yes 1,276 0
Glaiven wing-tip Glaiven wing-tip Yes 20.6m 0
Green dragonhide body Green dragonhide body 4,005 +12
Green dragonhide body (g) Green dragonhide body (g... 109.4k 0
Green dragonhide body (t) Green dragonhide body (t... 24.6k 0
Green dragonhide chaps Green dragonhide chaps 2,173 - 73
Green dragonhide coif Green dragonhide coif 1,481 - 9
Green dragonhide set Green dragonhide set 8,993 0
Green dragonhide shield Green dragonhide shield 5,225 0
Green dragonhide vambraces Green dragonhide vambrac... 1,080 - 50
Green spiky vambraces Green spiky vambraces Yes 1,611 0
Grifolic shield Grifolic shield Yes 42.8k 0
Guthix body Guthix body Yes 9,766 +203
Guthix chaps Guthix chaps Yes 6,851 0
Guthix coif Guthix coif Yes 10.7k 0
Guthix vambraces Guthix vambraces Yes 6,181 0
Hard leather body Hard leather body 237 0
Hard leather boots Hard leather boots 35 0
Hard leather gloves Hard leather gloves 19 0
Hard leather shield Hard leather shield 109 0
Karil's coif Karil's coif Yes 153.1k 0
Karil's coif (broken) Karil's coif (broken) Yes 66.4k 0
Karil's skirt Karil's skirt Yes 1.2m 0
Karil's skirt (broken) Karil's skirt (broken) Yes 527.7k 0
Karil's top Karil's top Yes 3.3m 0
Karil's top (broken) Karil's top (broken) Yes 2.1m 0
Kurask boots Kurask boots Yes 41.5k 0
Leather body Leather body 117 - 1
Leather chaps Leather chaps 127 +2
Leather cowl Leather cowl 93 0
Leather shield Leather shield 14 0
Leather vambraces Leather vambraces 37 0
Morrigan's coif Morrigan's coif Yes 342.5k 0
Morrigan's leather body Morrigan's leather body Yes 1.7m 0
Morrigan's leather chaps Morrigan's leather chaps... Yes 1.2m 0