Grand Exchange

Most Traded Items

Top 100 most traded items

Trade Count
Item Members Icon Min Max Median Total
FeatherFeather 6.7m 55.4m 31.1m 192.7m
Headless arrowHeadless arrow 5.7m 58.7m 32.2m 188.0m
Spirit shardsSpirit shards 2.7m 43.8m 23.3m 180.4m
Air runeAir rune 3.4m 44.1m 23.8m 151.7m
Incandescent energyIncandescent energy Yes 3.7m 37.6m 20.7m 130.0m
Fire runeFire rune 2.6m 33.6m 18.1m 122.7m
Pure essencePure essence 2.4m 28.0m 15.2m 103.1m
Broad arrowheadsBroad arrowheads Yes 3.8m 29.9m 16.9m 96.9m
Arrow shaftArrow shaft 1.3m 22.6m 12.0m 83.1m
Rune arrowheadsRune arrowheads 2.2m 20.9m 11.6m 76.6m
VialVial 1.3m 23.3m 12.3m 68.5m
Water runeWater rune 1.5m 17.6m 9.5m 63.0m
Maple logsMaple logs 1.8m 16.7m 9.2m 62.9m
Earth runeEarth rune 980.7k 15.2m 8.1m 52.1m
Magic logsMagic logs 1.2m 10.0m 5.6m 44.5m
Rune arrowRune arrow 1.3m 9.8m 5.6m 39.0m
Nature runeNature rune 840.8k 9.1m 4.9m 34.6m
Mind runeMind rune 1.3m 8.6m 4.9m 30.5m
Blood runeBlood rune Yes 847.6k 8.2m 4.5m 30.1m
Yew logsYew logs 902.0k 7.2m 4.0m 27.4m
Body runeBody rune 780.0k 8.0m 4.4m 26.9m
CoalCoal 591.4k 7.3m 4.0m 23.5m
Mahogany plankMahogany plank Yes 766.6k 6.7m 3.7m 22.5m
Vibrant energyVibrant energy Yes 456.5k 5.4m 2.9m 19.1m
Death runeDeath rune 381.7k 5.4m 2.9m 18.9m
BowstringBowstring 674.2k 4.7m 2.7m 18.3m
CannonballCannonball Yes 555.7k 4.6m 2.6m 18.0m
Luminous energyLuminous energy Yes 310.9k 4.4m 2.3m 17.0m
Polypore sporePolypore spore Yes 515.5k 3.6m 2.0m 16.2m
Chaos runeChaos rune 234.5k 5.9m 3.1m 16.1m
Ascension boltsAscension bolts Yes 598.5k 4.3m 2.5m 16.0m
FlaxFlax 417.2k 5.0m 2.7m 15.8m
Gold oreGold ore 278.4k 4.1m 2.2m 15.0m
Coal stone spiritCoal stone spirit 682.3k 4.4m 2.6m 14.2m
Dragon bonesDragon bones 403.2k 3.6m 2.0m 14.0m
Law runeLaw rune 402.9k 4.0m 2.2m 13.7m
Fishing baitFishing bait 373.2k 3.1m 1.8m 12.7m
Royal boltsRoyal bolts Yes 278.2k 3.4m 1.8m 11.9m
Mahogany logsMahogany logs 247.3k 3.0m 1.6m 11.6m
Ascension shardAscension shard Yes 360.6k 3.8m 2.1m 11.5m
Soul runeSoul rune Yes 280.3k 3.3m 1.8m 11.2m
Soft claySoft clay 389.5k 2.7m 1.5m 10.9m
Araxyte arrowAraxyte arrow Yes 228.1k 2.9m 1.6m 10.8m
Astral runeAstral rune Yes 157.6k 3.7m 1.9m 10.8m
PouchPouch 386.7k 2.8m 1.6m 10.7m
Vial of waterVial of water 351.5k 3.2m 1.8m 10.7m
Gold stone spiritGold stone spirit 176.8k 2.9m 1.5m 10.2m
Radiant energyRadiant energy Yes 501.1k 2.7m 1.6m 10.1m
Gold barGold bar 331.8k 2.6m 1.4m 9.7m
Cosmic runeCosmic rune 145.1k 3.0m 1.6m 9.6m
Raw sharkRaw shark Yes 214.7k 2.1m 1.2m 8.4m
Lustrous energyLustrous energy Yes 264.9k 2.2m 1.2m 8.0m
Adamant arrowAdamant arrow 244.9k 1.9m 1.1m 7.6m
Rune barRune bar 297.8k 2.1m 1.2m 7.3m
LuminiteLuminite 207.8k 2.1m 1.1m 7.3m
Runite oreRunite ore 157.9k 1.8m 972.8k 6.8m
RocktailRocktail Yes 171.7k 1.8m 973.5k 6.8m
Brilliant energyBrilliant energy Yes 184.7k 1.6m 903.4k 6.8m
Raw rocktailRaw rocktail Yes 92.9k 1.7m 899.2k 6.7m
Ganodermic flakeGanodermic flake Yes 169.2k 1.7m 937.8k 6.7m
Onyx bolts (e)Onyx bolts (e) Yes 149.7k 1.7m 943.1k 6.7m
SharkShark Yes 127.9k 1.8m 987.2k 6.7m
Mithril arrowMithril arrow 141.9k 1.9m 1.0m 6.7m
Elder energyElder energy Yes 147.3k 1.7m 929.9k 6.5m
Grenwall spikesGrenwall spikes Yes 138.6k 1.9m 1.0m 6.2m
Soda ashSoda ash Yes 330.0k 1.3m 833.2k 5.9m
Raw tunaRaw tuna 133.1k 1.3m 736.5k 5.8m
Dragon arrowheadsDragon arrowheads Yes 145.8k 1.6m 888.9k 5.8m
Magic notepaperMagic notepaper 197.2k 1.6m 885.5k 5.8m
Magic shieldbowMagic shieldbow 153.6k 1.6m 852.3k 5.7m
Rune dart tipRune dart tip 160.2k 1.7m 908.1k 5.6m
Adamantite stone spiritAdamantite stone spiri... 301.9k 1.2m 752.1k 5.5m
SailfishSailfish Yes 158.2k 1.6m 878.8k 5.4m
Steel arrowSteel arrow 104.2k 1.7m 880.0k 5.2m
Black dragon leatherBlack dragon leather Yes 204.9k 1.3m 749.3k 5.2m
Broad-tipped boltsBroad-tipped bolts Yes 208.8k 1.5m 878.1k 5.2m
Raw sailfishRaw sailfish Yes 209.7k 1.3m 735.2k 5.1m
Crystal skillchompaCrystal skillchompa Yes 110.3k 1.4m 774.4k 4.9m
Steel of legends scrollSteel of legends scrol... Yes 108.4k 1.4m 730.7k 4.7m
Corrupted magic logsCorrupted magic logs Yes 131.7k 1.1m 591.5k 4.6m
Black dragonhideBlack dragonhide 109.6k 1.2m 654.6k 4.5m
Frost dragon bonesFrost dragon bones Yes 90.7k 1.2m 640.4k 4.5m
Raw lobsterRaw lobster 69.4k 1.2m 656.7k 4.4m
Magic shieldbow (u)Magic shieldbow (u) 157.9k 1.2m 676.8k 4.4m
SpringSpring 154.8k 1.1m 615.5k 4.3m
ThreadThread 112.2k 1.0m 556.1k 4.3m
Mud runeMud rune Yes 92.2k 1.7m 874.1k 4.2m
Dark arrowDark arrow Yes 56.0k 1.2m 625.9k 4.2m
Adamant arrowheadsAdamant arrowheads 201.8k 1.2m 682.1k 4.1m
Willow logsWillow logs 155.4k 1.1m 604.6k 4.0m
Iron oreIron ore 63.8k 986.1k 524.9k 3.9m
Big bonesBig bones 82.1k 983.5k 532.8k 3.9m
Sunchoke seedSunchoke seed Yes 141.0k 1.2m 666.6k 3.9m
Runite boltsRunite bolts 118.9k 1.0m 577.5k 3.8m
Dragon arrowDragon arrow Yes 105.5k 872.4k 489.0k 3.7m
Dark animicaDark animica Yes 110.1k 877.8k 494.0k 3.6m
Light animicaLight animica Yes 85.8k 897.5k 491.7k 3.6m
Elder rune barElder rune bar Yes 98.4k 780.5k 439.5k 3.5m
Vis waxVis wax Yes 84.5k 988.2k 536.4k 3.4m
Teak plankTeak plank Yes 95.4k 1.3m 684.4k 3.4m