Grand Exchange

Most Traded Items

Top 100 most traded items

Trade Count
Item Members Icon Min Max Median Total
Spirit shardsSpirit shards 28.5m 65.2m 46.9m 295.4m
Air runeAir rune 23.7m 47.6m 35.7m 257.6m
Headless arrowHeadless arrow 26.2m 46.2m 36.2m 249.5m
Fire runeFire rune 23.7m 44.9m 34.3m 225.1m
FeatherFeather 23.4m 41.7m 32.5m 202.9m
CoalCoal 21.1m 36.2m 28.7m 193.6m
Broad arrowheadsBroad arrowheads Yes 20.5m 34.7m 27.6m 192.1m
Incandescent energyIncandescent energy Yes 19.3m 30.0m 24.6m 173.1m
Arrow shaftArrow shaft 18.3m 30.9m 24.6m 163.0m
Water runeWater rune 13.7m 34.5m 24.1m 155.8m
VialVial 8.2m 33.6m 20.9m 147.1m
Earth runeEarth rune 11.1m 28.7m 19.9m 144.8m
Pure essencePure essence 12.3m 32.8m 22.5m 131.9m
Maple logsMaple logs 10.5m 18.2m 14.4m 93.1m
Mahogany plankMahogany plank Yes 7.1m 13.6m 10.4m 63.0m
Magic logsMagic logs 6.2m 10.9m 8.5m 59.4m
Nature runeNature rune 5.8m 9.0m 7.4m 54.3m
Mind runeMind rune 5.1m 11.1m 8.1m 52.5m
Body runeBody rune 4.1m 8.0m 6.0m 38.4m
Blood runeBlood rune Yes 4.3m 6.2m 5.3m 37.5m
Yew logsYew logs 3.4m 6.4m 4.9m 33.7m
Mahogany logsMahogany logs 3.0m 5.7m 4.3m 29.4m
CannonballCannonball Yes 2.8m 5.2m 4.0m 29.3m
Polypore sporePolypore spore Yes 1.9m 7.9m 4.9m 27.7m
Dragon bonesDragon bones 2.9m 4.9m 3.9m 25.8m
Luminous energyLuminous energy Yes 2.3m 5.0m 3.7m 24.4m
Vial of waterVial of water 2.4m 4.9m 3.7m 24.2m
Death runeDeath rune 2.6m 4.4m 3.5m 23.9m
Adamantite oreAdamantite ore 2.2m 4.5m 3.4m 23.6m
BowstringBowstring 2.6m 4.3m 3.4m 22.5m
FlaxFlax 2.5m 4.1m 3.3m 22.3m
Chaos runeChaos rune 2.1m 4.1m 3.1m 22.3m
Rune arrowRune arrow 1.9m 4.0m 3.0m 21.9m
Ascension shardAscension shard Yes 2.0m 4.0m 3.0m 21.0m
PouchPouch 1.8m 3.6m 2.7m 19.3m
Ascension boltsAscension bolts Yes 2.1m 4.1m 3.1m 19.3m
Royal boltsRoyal bolts Yes 2.1m 3.1m 2.6m 18.2m
Lustrous energyLustrous energy Yes 1.9m 3.8m 2.8m 17.1m
Soul runeSoul rune Yes 1.7m 3.2m 2.4m 16.8m
Brilliant energyBrilliant energy Yes 1.7m 3.2m 2.5m 16.7m
Fishing baitFishing bait 1.8m 3.2m 2.5m 16.7m
Gold oreGold ore 1.7m 3.2m 2.4m 16.4m
Soft claySoft clay 1.7m 3.1m 2.4m 16.1m
Law runeLaw rune 1.5m 2.9m 2.2m 15.9m
Araxyte arrowAraxyte arrow Yes 1.5m 2.9m 2.2m 15.4m
Black dragon leatherBlack dragon leather Yes 1.6m 3.2m 2.4m 15.0m
Adamant barAdamant bar 1.6m 2.9m 2.2m 14.9m
Vibrant energyVibrant energy Yes 1.5m 2.9m 2.2m 14.3m
Raw sharkRaw shark Yes 1.6m 2.5m 2.0m 13.8m
Yak-hideYak-hide Yes 1.1m 2.8m 2.0m 13.2m
Runite oreRunite ore 1.3m 2.4m 1.8m 13.1m
Radiant energyRadiant energy Yes 1.2m 2.5m 1.9m 12.8m
Rune barRune bar 1.4m 2.4m 1.9m 12.8m
Ganodermic flakeGanodermic flake Yes 1.1m 2.5m 1.8m 12.4m
Grenwall spikesGrenwall spikes Yes 1.2m 2.3m 1.8m 12.1m
RocktailRocktail Yes 1.5m 1.8m 1.7m 11.6m
SharkShark Yes 1.0m 1.8m 1.4m 11.3m
Elder energyElder energy Yes 1.2m 2.2m 1.7m 11.2m
Dragon arrowheadsDragon arrowheads Yes 995.2k 2.3m 1.7m 10.8m
Raw rocktailRaw rocktail Yes 1.1m 2.2m 1.6m 10.8m
Bronze arrowBronze arrow 715.2k 3.5m 2.1m 10.6m
Rune arrowheadsRune arrowheads 965.2k 2.0m 1.5m 10.4m
Magic shieldbowMagic shieldbow 955.8k 2.2m 1.6m 10.1m
Black dragonhideBlack dragonhide 1.1m 1.7m 1.4m 9.8m
Gold barGold bar 1.1m 1.8m 1.5m 9.8m
Steel barSteel bar 850.3k 1.6m 1.2m 9.6m
Soda ashSoda ash Yes 656.6k 1.9m 1.3m 9.3m
Cosmic runeCosmic rune 1.0m 1.8m 1.4m 9.2m
Iron oreIron ore 981.4k 1.7m 1.4m 9.0m
Astral runeAstral rune Yes 880.1k 2.1m 1.5m 9.0m
Mithril barMithril bar 944.9k 1.6m 1.3m 8.5m
Magic shieldbow (u)Magic shieldbow (u) 802.3k 1.3m 1.1m 7.4m
Onyx bolts (e)Onyx bolts (e) Yes 745.5k 1.2m 996.5k 7.2m
ThreadThread 794.2k 1.2m 1.0m 7.0m
Magic notepaperMagic notepaper 627.3k 1.3m 972.4k 6.9m
Steel arrowSteel arrow 771.8k 1.2m 1.0m 6.9m
Frost dragon bonesFrost dragon bones Yes 716.8k 1.3m 1.0m 6.9m
Green dragon leatherGreen dragon leather 822.0k 1.2m 987.3k 6.8m
Adamant arrowAdamant arrow 699.2k 1.5m 1.1m 6.8m
Iron arrowIron arrow 702.7k 1.3m 996.9k 6.8m
Mithril oreMithril ore 699.1k 1.3m 1.0m 6.6m
Raw tunaRaw tuna 699.9k 1.2m 973.9k 6.3m
Mithril arrowMithril arrow 566.1k 1.3m 919.9k 5.7m
Jug of waterJug of water 595.0k 1.1m 840.3k 5.7m
Clean lantadymeClean lantadyme Yes 582.5k 1.2m 869.2k 5.6m
Barberry seedBarberry seed Yes 505.4k 982.3k 743.8k 5.3m
Mud runeMud rune Yes 530.1k 1.1m 833.7k 5.3m
Potato cactusPotato cactus Yes 523.5k 921.3k 722.4k 5.3m
Grimy lantadymeGrimy lantadyme Yes 476.5k 1.0m 754.2k 5.3m
Corrupted magic logsCorrupted magic logs Yes 452.6k 981.8k 717.2k 5.3m
Crushed nestCrushed nest Yes 487.6k 1.0m 745.8k 5.3m
Willow logsWillow logs 443.3k 946.9k 695.1k 5.2m
Dark arrowDark arrow Yes 619.2k 898.8k 759.0k 5.2m
Raw lobsterRaw lobster 463.4k 943.9k 703.6k 5.2m
Dragon arrowDragon arrow Yes 381.1k 1.2m 788.4k 5.1m
LobsterLobster 338.3k 1.1m 740.7k 5.0m
Steel of legends scrollSteel of legends scrol... Yes 442.6k 884.9k 663.8k 4.9m
SailfishSailfish Yes 497.5k 844.3k 670.9k 4.9m
Green dragonhideGreen dragonhide 469.5k 928.2k 698.8k 4.9m
Raw sailfishRaw sailfish Yes 506.7k 970.3k 738.5k 4.7m