Grand Exchange

Most Valuable Trades

Top 100 most valuable traded items (highest trade price)

Trade Price
Item Members Icon Change Min Average Max
Blood dyeBlood dye Yes 0 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
Third-Age DyeThird-Age Dye Yes 0 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
Black Santa hatBlack Santa hat 5.1m 1.8b 1.9b 1.9b
Wand of the praesulWand of the praesul Yes 0 1.5b 1.6b 1.7b
Dormant Staff of SliskeDormant Staff of Slisk... Yes 0 1.3b 1.3b 1.3b
Zaros godswordZaros godsword Yes - 45.5m 978.3m 1.1b 1.2b
Seren godbowSeren godbow Yes - 18.2m 1.1b 1.1b 1.2b
Holly wreathHolly wreath 0 768.1m 808.5m 849.0m
Shadow DyeShadow Dye Yes 0 846.2m 846.2m 846.2m
Praesul codexPraesul codex Yes - 9.6m 675.2m 703.7m 732.3m
Third-age druidic wreathThird-age druidic wrea... Yes 0 567.4m 597.3m 627.2m
Intricate blood stained chestIntricate blood staine... Yes 0 551.0m 580.0m 609.0m
Reprisal Ability CodexReprisal Ability Codex... Yes 0 455.5m 479.5m 503.5m
Disk of returningDisk of returning 0 459.9m 471.4m 482.9m
Third-age platelegsThird-age platelegs Yes 0 437.2m 450.1m 463.0m
Intricate ice chestIntricate ice chest Yes 0 430.6m 446.8m 463.0m
Red hallowe'en maskRed hallowe'en mask 0 381.1m 388.2m 395.3m
Third-age druidic robe topThird-age druidic robe... Yes 0 368.3m 380.8m 393.4m
Third-age platebodyThird-age platebody Yes 0 328.6m 338.7m 348.8m
Santa hatSanta hat 8.1m 324.0m 331.1m 338.2m
Intricate shadow chestIntricate shadow chest... Yes 0 318.9m 326.9m 334.9m
PumpkinPumpkin 0 315.0m 320.0m 325.1m
Blue hallowe'en maskBlue hallowe'en mask 0 273.3m 287.7m 302.1m
Third-age druidic robeThird-age druidic robe... Yes 0 275.4m 284.7m 294.0m
Intricate smoke-shrouded chestIntricate smoke-shroud... Yes 0 245.0m 255.8m 266.7m
Noxious scytheNoxious scythe Yes 9.8m 239.0m 249.5m 260.0m
Imperium coreImperium core Yes 0 217.0m 228.4m 239.9m
Green hallowe'en maskGreen hallowe'en mask 0 215.7m 227.0m 238.4m
Barrows DyeBarrows Dye Yes 0 221.9m 227.7m 233.6m
Third-age amuletThird-age amulet Yes 0 219.3m 225.4m 231.5m
Statius's warhammerStatius's warhammer Yes 0 217.0m 224.0m 231.0m
Seismic wandSeismic wand Yes - 3.7m 205.2m 211.5m 217.8m
Third-age druidic cloakThird-age druidic cloa... Yes 0 148.4m 156.2m 164.0m
Christmas scytheChristmas scythe 4.4m 145.3m 151.1m 156.9m
Noxious longbowNoxious longbow Yes 3.6m 126.2m 131.9m 137.5m
Noxious staffNoxious staff Yes 4.0m 128.8m 132.9m 137.0m
Spider legSpider leg Yes - 387.4k 122.0m 125.7m 129.5m
Third-age robe topThird-age robe top Yes 0 126.3m 127.6m 128.9m
Zombie walk override tokenZombie walk override t... 0 103.3m 114.0m 124.7m
Easter eggEaster egg 0 116.1m 119.2m 122.2m
Demonic title scroll (frostborn)Demonic title scroll (... Yes 0 103.5m 106.0m 108.6m
Third-age druidic staffThird-age druidic staf... Yes 0 90.3m 93.4m 96.5m
Gem sack tokenGem sack token 0 73.0m 82.1m 91.2m
Mimic tongue capeMimic tongue cape 0 64.9m 77.5m 90.0m
Seismic singularitySeismic singularity Yes 2.4m 75.6m 79.6m 83.7m
Pernix armour setPernix armour set Yes 238.0k 74.4m 78.4m 82.4m
Torva armour setTorva armour set Yes - 567.5k 68.2m 71.5m 74.8m
Demonic title scroll (blazing)Demonic title scroll (... Yes 0 66.6m 70.1m 73.6m
Third-age kiteshieldThird-age kiteshield Yes 0 66.0m 67.2m 68.4m
Virtus armour setVirtus armour set Yes 1.7m 62.2m 64.4m 66.7m
Dormant Seren godbowDormant Seren godbow Yes 0 58.8m 61.9m 65.0m
Wyrm scalpWyrm scalp Yes 0 56.2m 59.1m 62.1m
Explosive barrelExplosive barrel Yes 0 54.9m 57.8m 60.6m
Off-hand Ascension crossbowOff-hand Ascension cro... Yes 1.8m 54.7m 57.4m 60.2m
Camel staffCamel staff Yes 0 56.6m 58.3m 60.0m
Ascension crossbowAscension crossbow Yes 2.6m 54.8m 56.9m 59.1m
Barrows - Linza's setBarrows - Linza's set Yes 0 49.5m 51.6m 53.7m
Flarefrost bootsFlarefrost boots Yes 0 44.9m 47.3m 49.6m
Emberkeen bootsEmberkeen boots Yes 0 44.6m 47.0m 49.3m
Hailfire bootsHailfire boots Yes 0 43.2m 45.5m 47.7m
DecimationDecimation Yes - 4.0m 39.5m 43.5m 47.5m
ObliterationObliteration Yes - 2.1m 40.1m 43.3m 46.4m
Dormant Zaros godswordDormant Zaros godsword... Yes 0 41.2m 43.4m 45.6m
Gem cape tokenGem cape token 0 31.3m 38.1m 45.0m
AnnihilationAnnihilation Yes 0 39.3m 41.4m 43.4m
Cloak of SeasonsCloak of Seasons 0 40.4m 40.7m 41.0m
Wyvern crossbowWyvern crossbow Yes - 1.8m 36.9m 38.7m 40.4m
Luck of the dwarvesLuck of the dwarves Yes 4.0m 34.0m 37.1m 40.3m
Wyrm heartWyrm heart Yes 0 36.2m 38.2m 40.1m
Third-age range topThird-age range top Yes 0 35.6m 37.4m 39.2m
Third-age full helmetThird-age full helmet Yes - 1.1m 34.3m 36.6m 38.9m
Alchemical onyx ringAlchemical onyx ring Yes 0 34.8m 36.6m 38.4m
Alchemical onyxAlchemical onyx Yes 0 34.1m 35.9m 37.7m
Third-age range coifThird-age range coif Yes 0 33.0m 34.7m 36.4m
Tectonic robe topTectonic robe top Yes 0 31.4m 33.1m 34.7m
MizuyariMizuyari Yes 1.0m 31.3m 33.0m 34.6m
Third-age range legsThird-age range legs Yes 0 31.3m 32.9m 34.6m
Gud raider chainbodyGud raider chainbody 0 31.9m 33.2m 34.5m
Third-age mage hatThird-age mage hat Yes 0 31.0m 32.3m 33.6m
Pirate's hookPirate's hook Yes 0 29.5m 31.0m 32.6m
Third-age vambracesThird-age vambraces Yes 0 28.9m 30.4m 32.0m
Conga dance override tokenConga dance override t... 0 19.5m 25.2m 31.0m
Mimic plushieMimic plushie 0 28.9m 29.4m 30.0m
Third-age robeThird-age robe Yes 0 28.2m 28.8m 29.5m
Dragon Rider lanceDragon Rider lance Yes 2.9m 22.3m 24.7m 27.1m
Gemstone gauntletsGemstone gauntlets Yes 0 26.1m 26.6m 27.0m
Pet of seasons tokenPet of seasons token 0 24.4m 25.7m 26.9m
Torva platebodyTorva platebody Yes 930.4k 23.7m 25.2m 26.7m
Demonic title scroll (glorious)Demonic title scroll (... Yes 0 24.7m 25.3m 26.0m
Infinity robes setInfinity robes set Yes 0 23.4m 24.6m 25.9m
Pernix bodyPernix body Yes 610.9k 21.9m 23.6m 25.3m
Demonic title scroll (infernal)Demonic title scroll (... Yes 0 22.5m 23.7m 24.8m
Summer prize tokenSummer prize token 0 21.9m 23.0m 24.2m
Pernix chapsPernix chaps Yes 580.1k 21.3m 22.7m 24.2m
Hydrix ringHydrix ring Yes 0 21.8m 22.9m 24.0m
Hydrix amuletHydrix amulet Yes 0 21.2m 22.3m 23.5m
Tectonic robe bottomTectonic robe bottom Yes - 425.4k 20.7m 21.8m 22.9m
Virtus robe legsVirtus robe legs Yes 825.6k 20.0m 21.4m 22.8m
Gemstone bootsGemstone boots Yes 0 20.6m 21.7m 22.8m
Uncut hydrixUncut hydrix Yes - 940.7k 20.6m 21.6m 22.6m