Grand Exchange

Most Valuable Trades

Top 100 most valuable traded items (highest trade price)

Trade Price
Item Members Icon Change Min Average Max
Third-Age DyeThird-Age Dye Yes 0 2.1b 2.1b 2.1b
Staff of SliskeStaff of Sliske Yes 0 1.8b 1.9b 2.0b
Holly wreathHolly wreath 0 2.0b 2.0b 2.0b
Hazelmere's signet ringHazelmere's signet rin... Yes 0 1.8b 1.9b 1.9b
Wand of the praesulWand of the praesul Yes 0 1.3b 1.3b 1.4b
Seren godbowSeren godbow Yes - 29.3m 1.1b 1.1b 1.2b
Shadow DyeShadow Dye Yes 0 1.0b 1.1b 1.2b
Zaros godswordZaros godsword Yes - 82.8m 1.1b 1.1b 1.2b
Dormant Staff of SliskeDormant Staff of Slisk... Yes 0 885.7m 887.5m 889.2m
Santa hatSanta hat 28.0m 686.5m 723.8m 761.2m
Disk of returningDisk of returning 0 676.0m 711.6m 747.2m
Red hallowe'en maskRed hallowe'en mask 0 639.7m 656.6m 673.4m
Third-age druidic wreathThird-age druidic wrea... Yes 0 608.0m 631.7m 655.4m
Blue hallowe'en maskBlue hallowe'en mask 0 531.9m 545.9m 559.9m
Praesul codexPraesul codex Yes - 18.7m 517.4m 536.7m 556.0m
Third-age platelegsThird-age platelegs Yes 0 488.8m 488.8m 488.8m
PumpkinPumpkin 0 428.0m 450.6m 473.1m
Green hallowe'en maskGreen hallowe'en mask 0 439.6m 449.8m 460.0m
Third-age druidic robe topThird-age druidic robe... Yes 0 410.8m 410.8m 410.8m
Reprisal Ability CodexReprisal Ability Codex... Yes - 21.5m 390.1m 400.3m 410.5m
Zombie walk override tokenZombie walk override t... 0 290.0m 343.7m 397.4m
Intricate blood stained chestIntricate blood staine... Yes 0 359.4m 378.4m 397.3m
Abomination capeAbomination cape Yes 8.6m - 1 197.1m 394.1m
Christmas scytheChristmas scythe - 6.4m 343.7m 355.3m 367.0m
Third-age platebodyThird-age platebody Yes 0 325.0m 337.5m 350.0m
Intricate shadow chestIntricate shadow chest... Yes 0 303.0m 318.9m 334.9m
Barrows DyeBarrows Dye Yes 0 311.3m 322.3m 333.3m
Intricate ice chestIntricate ice chest Yes 0 295.8m 311.4m 326.9m
Imperium coreImperium core Yes 0 302.0m 304.5m 307.0m
Easter eggEaster egg 11.1m 248.4m 267.3m 286.2m
Khopesh of TumekenKhopesh of Tumeken Yes - 12.0m 247.1m 266.4m 285.7m
Khopesh of ElidinisKhopesh of Elidinis Yes - 14.0m 269.0m 274.5m 280.0m
Third-age druidic robeThird-age druidic robe... Yes 0 275.2m 275.2m 275.2m
Third-age amuletThird-age amulet Yes 0 240.0m 251.6m 263.2m
Intricate smoke-shrouded chestIntricate smoke-shroud... Yes 0 216.2m 227.6m 239.0m
Noxious scytheNoxious scythe Yes 7.5m 223.0m 229.2m 235.4m
Statius's warhammerStatius's warhammer Yes - 10.5m 191.5m 196.5m 201.4m
Noxious longbowNoxious longbow Yes 1.4m 140.0m 145.2m 150.4m
Noxious staffNoxious staff Yes 6.8m 138.0m 144.0m 150.0m
Third-age druidic cloakThird-age druidic cloa... Yes 0 147.4m 148.6m 149.9m
Spider legSpider leg Yes - 1.7m 134.9m 142.0m 149.2m
Seismic singularitySeismic singularity Yes - 451.8k 130.2m 137.3m 144.4m
Seismic wandSeismic wand Yes - 3.1m 121.3m 126.2m 131.0m
Third-age robe topThird-age robe top Yes 0 123.5m 126.3m 129.1m
Demonic title scroll (frostborn)Demonic title scroll (... Yes 0 98.3m 103.5m 108.6m
Conga dance override tokenConga dance override t... 0 81.0m 86.7m 92.4m
Third-age druidic staffThird-age druidic staf... Yes 0 78.2m 81.2m 84.3m
Torva armour setTorva armour set Yes 975.6k 77.4m 79.9m 82.3m
Mimic tongue capeMimic tongue cape 0 66.0m 74.1m 82.2m
Cloak of SeasonsCloak of Seasons 3.0m 70.4m 75.7m 81.0m
Pernix armour setPernix armour set Yes 1.5m 69.8m 72.5m 75.1m
Demonic title scroll (blazing)Demonic title scroll (... Yes 0 64.8m 68.2m 71.6m
Third-age kiteshieldThird-age kiteshield Yes - 1.6m 62.6m 65.9m 69.2m
Virtus armour setVirtus armour set Yes 1.4m 63.0m 65.1m 67.3m
Ascension crossbowAscension crossbow Yes - 1.3m 57.0m 59.3m 61.5m
Off-hand Ascension crossbowOff-hand Ascension cro... Yes - 935.2k 57.6m 59.4m 61.2m
Gem cape tokenGem cape token 0 59.4m 59.4m 59.4m
Lucky dragonkin coinLucky dragonkin coin Yes 0 51.3m 54.0m 56.7m
Barrows - Linza's setBarrows - Linza's set Yes 0 50.4m 53.0m 55.7m
Hailfire bootsHailfire boots Yes 0 49.2m 51.7m 54.3m
Emberkeen bootsEmberkeen boots Yes 0 46.4m 48.2m 50.0m
Explosive barrelExplosive barrel Yes 0 44.8m 47.2m 49.5m
Flarefrost bootsFlarefrost boots Yes 0 45.6m 45.6m 45.6m
Camel staffCamel staff Yes 0 40.3m 42.4m 44.5m
Third-age full helmetThird-age full helmet Yes 0 38.7m 40.8m 42.8m
Tectonic robe topTectonic robe top Yes - 247.3k 38.2m 40.3m 42.4m
Wyrm scalpWyrm scalp Yes - 1.5m 38.2m 40.3m 42.3m
Alchemical onyx ringAlchemical onyx ring Yes 0 37.4m 39.4m 41.4m
Luck of the dwarvesLuck of the dwarves Yes 852.6k 38.3m 39.6m 40.9m
Alchemical onyxAlchemical onyx Yes 0 36.7m 38.6m 40.6m
Third-age robeThird-age robe Yes 0 37.5m 38.8m 40.1m
MizuyariMizuyari Yes 0 36.6m 38.2m 39.8m
Third-age range legsThird-age range legs Yes 0 37.1m 38.4m 39.7m
Third-age range coifThird-age range coif Yes 0 35.5m 37.4m 39.3m
Third-age mage hatThird-age mage hat Yes 0 35.6m 36.9m 38.2m
Third-age vambracesThird-age vambraces Yes 0 33.9m 35.6m 37.4m
Dormant Seren godbowDormant Seren godbow Yes - 1.9m 34.5m 35.4m 36.3m
Third-age range topThird-age range top Yes 0 35.4m 35.7m 36.0m
Wyrm heartWyrm heart Yes 0 31.9m 33.5m 35.2m
Gud raider chainbodyGud raider chainbody 0 34.0m 34.6m 35.2m
Gloves of passageGloves of passage Yes 0 34.9m 34.9m 34.9m
Bottoms of SeasonsBottoms of Seasons 0 20.4m 27.2m 34.0m
Pirate's hookPirate's hook Yes 0 30.3m 31.9m 33.4m
DecimationDecimation Yes 500.3k 29.1m 30.6m 32.0m
Mimic plushieMimic plushie 0 28.8m 30.3m 31.9m
ObliterationObliteration Yes 319.3k 28.4m 29.7m 31.0m
AnnihilationAnnihilation Yes 0 27.7m 29.2m 30.7m
Pet of seasons tokenPet of seasons token 0 29.0m 29.7m 30.5m
Infinity robes setInfinity robes set Yes 0 27.3m 28.8m 30.2m
Torva platebodyTorva platebody Yes 102.9k 27.2m 28.7m 30.2m
Pernix bodyPernix body Yes 83.5k 26.1m 27.5m 28.8m
Christmas tree hatChristmas tree hat 1.1m 24.5m 26.4m 28.3m
Tectonic robe bottomTectonic robe bottom Yes 311.9k 25.2m 26.6m 27.9m
Demonic title scroll (glorious)Demonic title scroll (... Yes - 53.1k 24.7m 26.0m 27.3m
Virtus robe topVirtus robe top Yes 379.1k 23.9m 25.2m 26.6m
Dragon Rider lanceDragon Rider lance Yes - 282.6k 24.1m 25.3m 26.5m
Seahorse follower pet tokenSeahorse follower pet ... 0 23.6m 24.7m 25.9m
Summer prize tokenSummer prize token 0 22.7m 23.9m 25.1m
Demonic title scroll (infernal)Demonic title scroll (... Yes 0 22.5m 23.7m 24.8m
Hydrix amuletHydrix amulet Yes 0 22.2m 23.3m 24.5m