16 Brand New Questhelps!

The Wise Old Man has roped in some of his friends to put together 16 brand new QuestHelps, helping those adventurers who have found themselves a bit stuck.

QuestHelp is a way of getting information on a specific point in a particular quest. It reads your position in a quest, offering hints if you only want a clue to your problem or spoilers if you want to be told the exact answer!

Once logged in, it gives you a comprehensive list of every quest you've started or are part-way through, from Animal Magnetism to Zogre Flesh Eaters. Having clicked on your required quest, it can give you hints or spoilers depending on how much info you want.

It is up to you: read the hint for clues and riddles about what's needed, or go the whole hog and click the spoiler afterwards, giving you access to full details and maps for that point of the quest!

With four QuestHelp points given to you per day, you'll never find yourself permanently stumped again!

The Wise Old Man is also aware that a few quests remain neglected, without a guide, and he is determined that this does not last long. After all, there is a Wizards' Tower to plot against, and other nefarious schemes to be getting on with. So, watch this space for the last few quests to receive a QuestHelp!

Our 16 new QuestHelps are:

  • Biohazard
  • Clock Tower
  • Grand Tree quest
  • Heroes' Quest
  • Holy Grail
  • Jungle Potion
  • Lost City
  • Monk's Friend
  • Observatory
  • Scorpion Catcher
  • Sheep Herder
  • Shilo Village
  • Temple of Ikov
  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Tribal Totem
  • Witch's House
Visit QuestHelp here.