Beta: EoC/Legacy Mash-up

Beta is Back!

The beta is back and available to play right now for all members! We have a number of projects and changes in the pipeline that we would like your feedback on before they go into the live game. Today is the first of several planned releases, so look out for more in the future.

The first time you log in, a version of your main account will be imported and you will be transported to Lumbridge. Anything you do in the beta will not affect your account in the main game.

Play the beta now!

Beta Changes
EoC/Legacy Mashup

Interfaces have been decoupled combat from combat modes, so now you can play with Legacy interfaces and EoC combat, or with the new customisable interfaces and Legacy combat. Choose your preference from the game settings menu.

Melee 2H Improvements

  • Quake now deals 219% damage to the main target.
  • Hurricane will now hit twice on the main target.
  • Meteor Strike will now deal AoE damage to nearby opponents.
  • Meteor Strike no longer requires the opponent to have less than 50% life points.
  • Barge will now apply a 1.2 second bind on an opponent.
  • Barge no longer shares a cooldown with surge.
  • Barge with no target will no longer perform surge. This will be change to use the targeting cursor in a future update.
Legacy Soul Split Healing

In an effort to bring into line 2-handed Soul Split healing, the healing cap has been removed in Legacy combat mode.

PvP Focused Changes
  • Disabling prayers has been removed from Snipe, Dragonbreath and Havoc.
  • Basic stuns now last for 1.2 seconds.
  • Basic and threshold stuns no longer share a cooldown.
  • Eating food during PvP in non-Legacy combat mode will drain adrenaline instead of invoking a global cooldown.

Giving Feedback

As the projects in beta are still a work in progress, they are unlikely to be perfect. Therefore it is important you let us know what you think of them and inform us if you find any bugs.

For any feedback that you may have, please post this in the beta feedback subforum, and for any bugs, please use the in-game bug reporter (while on a beta server).

In certain circumstances we may honour players with 'the Gamebreaker' title to use in the main game. This is for those who we have determined to have gone above and beyond to help test the beta, have provided great feedback and reported major bugs.

Thank you and we look forward to your feedback.

In Other News
  • The Ninja Team have made a number of improvements to the WildyWyrm and lava strykewyrms including providing wild arrows to go with your strykebows.
  • You may notice many of the skeleton models have been reworked, and some of the animations you see in desert areas have also been updated. These graphical improvements are courtesy of the Ninjas.

The RuneScape Team