Open Weekend | Try RuneScape Members' Features

Open Weekend | Try RuneScape Members' Features

From now until 12:00 UTC (game time) on 12th June we're running an Open Weekend. That means all free-to-play RuneScape accounts have the opportunity to try RuneScape's members' content at no cost.

Simply click the opt-in box when you log into the game and the membership restrictions on content will be lifted. As long as you meet the in-game requirements, all of Gielinor is yours to enjoy.

As an added Menaphos-flavoured bonus, everyone can pick up the Ancient Mummy outfit for free from Solomon's Store for the duration!

Ancient Mummy Outfit

Have Fun!

If you haven't checked out Menaphos yet, it's the perfect time to do so. If you're already a member, why not bring a friend?

If you're trying membership and like what you see, there's no better way to subscribe right now than the Summer Special.

See the Open Weekend web page for full details. Enjoy!

The RuneScape Team