Character Name Clean-Up – The Final Batch

Tomorrow, we are releasing the final batch of character names, so if you fancy a name from the list of releases, now’s your last chance!

At 5pm UK time on Thursday 18th September you can grab names from W-Z, plus anything beginning with a number.

If you want to change your name, head to the name release page tomorrow and simply follow the instructions to grab your chosen name.

Visit the name release page.

Note: this link will not allow you to take one of the released names until 5pm, UK time, on the 18th September.

As the names are released, we will be publish a list showing all those available, over on the forums.

Please bear in mind that this list will quickly become out of date as the names are taken. The same rules apply: if you want to change your name or check availability you’ll need to have a total level of 1,000. This minimum level restriction will be removed at around 5pm UK time on Friday.

Changed your name already? Just use a Bond to change it again.

The RuneScape Team