Character Name Clean-Up – The Fourth Batch

The fourth batch of character names is coming! Tomorrow at 1pm, UK time, we’ll be releasing names from N-R.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on the name you've been waiting for, so this time we've set up a dedicated name release page.

Using this link tomorrow will take you directly to the dedicated page where you can follow the instructions to get your name:

Visit the name release page.

The lists below contain the names we are releasing in this batch. Check them out for some inspiration, but be aware that it will quite quickly become out of date as character names are taken.

Character Names - N
Character Names - O
Character Names - P
Character Names - Q
Character Names - R

As always, the same rules apply: players who want to change their name, or want to check character name availability, should have a total level of 1000. Minimum level restriction will be removed after 24 hours to allow all members the opportunity to change their name.

Have you already changed your name in the last month? Use a Bond!

The RuneScape Team