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Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - Open Beta - Play Now!

March 23 2016
Chronicle: RuneScape Legends - Open Beta - Play Now!
Chronicle: RuneScape Legends

While we've been working away on Old School RuneScape, some of our colleagues have been making a brand new way to take on the RuneScape universe. Including loads of enemies, allies and equipment from the old game you know and love, we'd like to introduce Chronicle: RuneScape Legends.

Go to the official website to download the game and begin playing.

Experience Gielinor in a brand new way by taking on the challenge of our free-to-play strategy card game. Launch into PvP card battles like no other, where every match is a quest for you and your opponent to craft. With cards representing allies, enemies, equipment and more:

The open beta also gives you the chance to contribute to making Chronicle as strong as possible we cant wait for you to get in game and share your feedback with us.

Our first major update will include many cards based on iconic Old School content So far we plan to include the Wise Old Man, Zulrah, Cerberus and more! We want to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see.

What's new in the open beta?

As well as all previous content, the open beta version also brings plenty of new surprises:

  • New Legends: Vanescula joins Ozan, Ariane, Linza and The Raptor as playable Legends
  • Dungeoneering: a new mode featuring draft decks, PvP challenges and rich rewards
  • Progression: earn XP from every card played, every game played and legend defeated
  • Skilling: complete skilling challenges and reap the rewards like in RuneScape
  • Customisation: show off your style with Legend skins and skilling-themed titles
  • New Locations: the Wilderness and the Barrows are open for your adventures
  • Better Game Performance: the game will run more smoothly than ever before and look better to boot

For more information on Chronicle and to get involved in the discussion, stay tuned to the blog, forums, Twitch, Reddit and Twitter for all the latest news.

Its up to you to help us write this exciting next chapter in Chronicle are you ready for the fight?


The Old School Team

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