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Deadman Autumn Season: Live

June 30 2018
Deadman Autumn Season: Live

The Deadman Autumn Season is now live, play now! Read up on the information you need to be able to participate!


The Summer Finals are over (join us in congratulating dmmfreakshow - a post clarifying all prizewinners will be released early next week!), and the Autumn Season is now live! The Autumn Season will run until 26th July 2018, with the Autumn Finals concluding on 15th September 2018.


The purpose of this section is to detail any major changes from the previous Season (the Deadman Summer Season). All changes here are also listed in the sections below.

  • Remove the Event RPG.
  • Stop the warriors guild doors from cancelling damage.
  • Increase the number of potions and secondaries given by the global deadman drop table by 25%.
  • NPCs with a combat level of 100+ will have a 1/300 chance of dropping a tier 5 emblem in addition to other drops.
  • Add an NPC to Lumbridge that allows players to teleport to either Falador, Varrock, Seers Village, Ardougne or Tree Gnome Stronghold once per day.
  • Double the drop rate of the Abyssal whip, the Leaf bladed battleaxe, the Dragon plateskirt, the Dragon defender, the Draconic Visage, all GWD Items, all Ward shards, and the Imbued heart.
  • Double the droprate of wilderness emblems from wilderness bosses and wilderness slayer.
  • Stop rooftop agility obstacles from cancelling damage
  • Remove Lava dragons from the tasklist of Wilderness Slayer.

For a full change list, click here.

Where to Watch Deadman

The Deadman Autumn Season brings with it tons of content to watch and enjoy. Over on Twitch you'll find tons of great Old School streamers battling throughout the Season in an attempt to make it into the top 2,000 players to qualify for the Autumn Finals, which will take place on 15th September 2018.

As well as Twitch, you'll also be able to find loads of exciting video content on YouTube.

Get Membership For Deadman!

The best way to play the Deadman Autumn Season and the Deadman Autumn Finals is with our Summer Special! Get 3 months of membership for the price of 2 now and fight to become the next champion.

Getting Started with Deadman

Here's what our four on-stage contestants had to say about Deadman:

If you're still wondering what Deadman is and you want to get involved, Torvesta has created a guide to get you started this Season! Watch it below.

Subscribe to us on YouTube!

We hope you enjoy the Deadman Autumn Season! We've really tried to make it the best yet.

Good luck to all of you in your quest for Deadman domination!

Mods Archie, Ash, Ayiza, Bruno, Curse, Ed, Ghost, Jed, John C, Kieren, Lenny, Lottie, Mat K, Maz, Munro, Roq, Ry, Stone, Sween, Weath, West & Wolf

The Old School Team

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