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Game Update: Friday 24th August

August 24 2018
Game Update: Friday 24th August
Game Update: Friday 24th August

With yesterday's usual weekly game update, we encountered an issue that was causing some players to experience the game client crashing, alongside the stones in resizable mode not showing correctly.

We deployed a second game update to resolve the issue with the game client crashing shortly after the first update at 11:30 GMT went live. We then deployed a hotfix to temporarily prevent the issue with the stones in resizable from further impacting players.

The hotfix we deployed disabled the "Side-panels" option in Advanced options until a further update could be deployed.

Today we'd like to do another game update that will resolve the issue with the stones in resizable and remove the hotfix we temporarily applied.

There will be a 1-hour in-game countdown timer to notify you of when this update will go live.

Thank you for your patience whilst we resolved these issues and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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