It's Summer Party Time!

Squeal of Fortune

Itís the Summer of Fortune and - from tomorrow - Yelps will be adding a host of party items for you to try your luck at winning.

Want to relax and bask in the sun? Win the new sunbathing emote and be the envy of your RuneScape friends!

Want to enjoy the holiday merriment with friends and clan mates? Try the beach ball for a social kick-about and dampen your rivals' spirits with a barrage of water balloons, which can even be thrown at NPCs! If all that excitement is making you hungry, there is the new seaside rock and candy floss food. Both combine an instant heal with a heal-over-time effect, and while the candy floss is members-only, the seaside rock can be enjoyed by free players and members alike.

If youíre really lucky you may even bag yourself a set of the craziest melee weapons ever in RuneScape: shark fists! Thatís actual shark heads mounted on your hands! These new claw-type weapons can be switched between four different forms, each with a more awesome look and higher stats than the last. These forms have Attack requirements ranging from 1 to 55, so theyíre the ideal summer battle accessory whatever your combat level.

All of these super summer items will be on the Squeal of Fortune throughout August and September and - for this weekend only - have improved chances to win! Remember that members get three spins per day over the course of August, so - if you haven't already - subscribe here!

Solomonís General Store

Solomon has lots of summer treats for you this week. First off, he has added a four-piece beachwear outfit with a RuneScape twist!

Ever wondered if a parasol would make a good sword? Solomon thinks so! With this new accessory, any two-handed sword you wield will take on the appearance of a beach parasol. Solomon has also added a new two-part 'Kick Sand' emote, plus an amazing new teleport animation featuring a gnomecopter!

And if that wasnít enough, why not stand out from the crowd with the new title: 'The Hot'?

The new items in Solomonís General Store are available now, and will stay there permanently. The Squeal of Fortune items will arrive on Friday, and will be available for August and September only.

The community team will be running a number of events to kick off our summer celebrations. Click here to find out how you can take part.

Have fun, and party on!

The RuneScape Team

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