Mining & Smithing Rework Postponed

Hello everyone,

Earlier this week, we shared more information on the Mining & Smithing rework in a live stream, on our forums and across social media.

That led to huge amount of feedback from you all, which we didnít want to rush through or ignore. With that in mind, weíve taken the tough decision to postpone Mining & Smithing to next year.


Itís important that the Mining & Smithing Rework is the update you want: it changes the game you play, and you asked for it in last yearís survey.

But, when we presented the design, it was clear that we werenít close enough to what you expected. You had a lot of fair feedback and concerns, including issues with the core parts of the update. In particular, you felt the update was bloated with things you didnít need or didnít need changing, yet was leaving a lot unfinished.

We want to make sure that we get this right first time. We also want to spend time chatting with you, to highlight and solve the core issues. Letís produce something that benefits the game now and in the long-term, while also meeting your expectations.

What now?

Mining & Smithingís September schedule slot will be filled with a number of updates that focus on improving the game, and weíll share those updates next week. We will also use some of the additional time to get a head start for the epic Sliske's Endgame quest!

Once again, we're sorry for the delay, but we feel weíre making the right decision for Mining & Smithing and the game for years to come.

Mod Osborne, Lead Designer