RS3 Beta Programme

Registration for the RuneScape 3 Beta Programme kicks off on 3rd April 2013!

RuneScape 3 was announced by Mod Mark and Mod Pips in last week's Behind the Scenes Bonus Edition. Coming this summer, it'll revolutionise the way you play, with upgraded graphics and audio, a customisable interface, and player-driven gameplay on an epic scale. We want you to be involved from the start, so we're launching a beta programme to give you a preview of two of its main components and gather your feedback before the main release.

First up, we'll be running a beta of the new HTML5 client. The beta client will access the live servers, so you can bask in its full glory while still earning XP and making progress in the main game!

A week after that, we'll also release the alpha version of the all-new, customisable interface system. This'll be on dedicated alpha servers only, but you'll definitely want to log in and take a look. More details on this to come soon!

Gold and Silver Premier Club members will automatically get access to all parts of the programme, and all other RuneScape members can register their interest from next Wednesday. We intend to take a wide range in both player level and PC specifications and those chosen will be notified prior to the opening of the programme, and we’ll add more players as it progresses. If you don't get in right away, don't worry - all members will have a chance to try out the content and offer feedback before release.

Check out our Beta Programme FAQ if you’d like to find out more.

To summarise the key dates you need to be aware of are:

  • 3rd April: Registration for the RuneScape 3 Beta Programme is opened to members.
  • 10th April: Registration closes.
  • 17th April: HTML5 beta begins.
  • 24th April: New interface alpha begins.

Having access to these groundbreaking new features from as early as alpha stage is a golden opportunity for you to give us your feedback. Be sure to register your interest next week, and help shape RuneScape 3 into the game that you want to see!

The RuneScape Team

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