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RuneFest Shield and the Halloween reward poll

September 21 2017
RuneFest Shield and the Halloween reward poll
This week's update is a quiet one as we prepare for RuneFest. The RuneFest item for 2017 is here, and we implement the changes required for the Final Hour of the Deadman Autumn Invitational, and the Deadman Winter Season.

RuneFest Shield

RuneFest hits us on Saturday 23rd September, and this year we're releasing a new cosmetic shield. This ornate shield offers no defensive stats, and is purely for fashionscape. The shield is for those attending RuneFest and those tuning in to the all-day stream on twitch.tv/runescape (though I'm sure the item code will find its way into the public domain in no time at all!). Those of you who do obtain the code will be able to redeem it by talking to Diango in Draynor Village.

This year's RuneFest is Old School's biggest yet. We're commanding a lot more stage time and the Old School - The Next 12 Months in particular is not to be missed! More information on RuneFest can be found on this newspost and see below for scheduling information.

Click the images above for a larger version

Deadman Autumn Final and Winter Season

Today we implemented the mechanics which will drive the Final Hour. For all information pertaining to the Autumn Invitational see this newspost which clarifies the ins and outs of what might be our most ambitious final yet.

Don't forget the Deadman Autumn Invitational will conclude live at RuneFest. We'll be streaming the Final Hour live from twitch.tv/runescape at 4pm UTC.

The Winter Season will begin with the end of the Autumn Invitational. A host of changes will be made to ensure the Season remains as fresh and competitive as it can be. More information can be found on this newspost, with further in-depth clarification to arrive later today.

Please also note that in preparation for the beginning of the Deadman Winter Season a number of new Worlds will appear in the Worlds list. They will appear offline, this is intended as they'll be made live with the Season's start.

Halloween Skin Poll

We're already hard at work designing the Halloween event for this year. Whilst we'll keep the story of the event under wraps, we'd like to offer a new skin colour as a reward for completion of the event.

Are you feeling blue, green, or perhaps a bit purple? Head to this strawpoll to cast your vote on which colour we implement.

Discuss this update on our forums.

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