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Silver Jewellery, Tournament World & QoL!

February 02 2017
Silver Jewellery, Tournament World & QoL!
Silver Jewellery & QoL
This week sees the release of Silver Jewellery, as well as the return of Tournament Worlds & a whole host of QoL updates.

Silver Jewellery
An all new range of jewellery, with a variety of effects!
Silver jewellery is created in the same way as you craft gold jewellery. However naturally it is created using Silver Bars and Opal, Jade and Red Topaz.

It will be possible to enchant all different types of gem-holding silver jewellery using the existing enchant spells found on the normal spellbook. Level 1 Enchant for Opal, Level 2 Enchant for Jade and Level 3 Enchant for Red Topaz.

Unchanged from the original design, the jewellery will offer the following effects when enchanted.

Click to enlarge.

The different jewellery able to be crafted out of silver bars and semi-precious gems are scattered throughout the low to mid levels of Crafting. The experience gained will be just lower than what gold jewellery offers at similar levels.

Tournament World
The Tournament World returns, but with a few new surprises!

With maxed accounts and access to the tournament supply chests, you'll have the ability to handcraft your perfect set up every time, meaning everything comes down to skill.

However this time, we're adding in all new Raids rewards as well as opening up Castle Wars to provide a little variety. So if you've ever wanted to test out Rigour or give Dragon Claws a go, now's your chance!

Whether you've been playing Old School Runescape for a week or a decade, tournament worlds are the perfect way to develop and hone your PvP abilities. Or just cause some carnage in the arena.

The Tournament World will be open for the duration of QoL month, so get in there and cause some chaos!

In other news

  • The Fire max cape has been updated to be animated and look brighter.
  • If you boost a stat, and hadn't already boosted any stats, your stat-boost is now more likely to last for longer before restoring down.
  • While Premier Club closes on Sunday, you may continue to upgrade an existing package from the Bonds membership package interface.
  • Can now catch bats bare-handed in raids at level 99 Hunter.
  • The Vanguard now have their healthbars visible throughout the fight.
  • The tooltip for the Augury prayer has been re-worded for clarity; the text change does not affect the prayer's effect.
  • The Khazard Warlord in Tree Gnome Village is once again vulnerable to safe-spotting.
  • Corrected the spelling of the Dexterous prayer scroll.
  • You no longer get the message about a raid starting without you if you are not in the raids lobby area.

  • Discuss this update on our forums.

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