Summer Party ON!

Summer is in full flow, and the party continues this weekend on Squeal of Fortune as Yelps has added four new summer-themed items – with a boosted chance to win this weekend!

When the sun is shining, there is nothing better than a barbecue and now you can do the same in Gielinor! The new summer barbecue is a portable cooking range that you can place at a location of your convenience, giving all the benefits of a standard cooking range plus an additional 10% XP boost. No need to worry about your barbecue going cold anytime soon either, as each one can be used up to 999 times!

After a nice barbecue, why not finish off your meal with a nice ice cream...on your head? Yelps has added a brand new ice cream cone hat which has the handy benefit of preventing dehydration: something that can be troublesome when travelling across the Kharidian Desert. The hat also contains 10 charges of food, in case you get a bit peckish.

Finally, how about letting all your friends know what mood you are in today with your own personal sun or storm cloud which floats above you? Feeling in a positive mood? Then the summer sun ring will generate a small sun orb which, while worn, will give you a +2 bonus to your offensive stats.

Feeling a bit low and the world is getting you down? Then try a summer storm ring which will generate a small rain cloud above your head for everyone to see. It’s not all this doom and gloom though as wearing the storm ring will give you a +2 bonus to your defensive stats, just in case anyone is foolish enough to take you on during your mood!

When the year ticks over to 2013, all remaining gameplay effects from these items will be removed, and the items will remain as cosmetic items only. Also, it’s worth noting that if you destroy or die with the item you can reclaim a replacement from Diango, but the cosmetic version only.

All four items will be available throughout August and September, but chances of winning are increased for this weekend only (Friday 24th to Monday 27th inclusive - GMT).

Don’t forget that members currently get three daily spins instead of one, so subscribing is a sound way to increase your chances to win per day. Check out our Squeal of Fortune wiki page for more ways to get extra spins.

Good luck!

The RuneScape Team

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