The First Weekend of Old School

The first weekend of Old School RuneScape has come to an end but the XP hasn’t stopped flowing: Pur is still impressively at the top of the leaderboards with over one million total XP already! That’s some serious ‘Scaping!

Rocket Challenges

Everybody enjoys a challenge and - with only one Achievement Diary in Old School RuneScape - Mod Rocket is here to help. Follow him as he vlogs each day this week to document his old school journey, and take part in his Rocket Challenges. You can find out more and get involved here.

Old School Quest Guides

Some of RuneScape’s finest fansites are also getting involved with Old School RuneScape as they resurrect a handful of their old school quest guides for your reading pleasure.

RuneHQ have released guides for all of the quests available in 2007, which you can read over on their website. Similarly, Sal’s Realm of RuneScape are also working on their old school guides and will be releasing more help and tips for surviving in 2007 very soon here.

Still can’t find the help you need? Head on over to the new Old School Advice forum where you’ll find players offering tips for everything from quests to skill training methods.

The Community’s Voice

It’s time again to take a look at what you’ve been saying about Old School RuneScape on Twitter:

@RuneScape Thanks for bringing back 07 having a blast playing with my friends” - @redbloodlife

“#07runescape is bringing back so many memories @RuneScape” - @DaTwitchayyy

“07scape... omg.... theres my whole weekend gone #07scape” - @JGarriock

@OldSchoolRS Just got to thank Jagex for this awesome old school game :D So good ! :D” - @Mark_BCN1

@OldSchoolRS has only been out for a weekend, and I feel like the support from Jagex keeping us in the loop is amazing! Vote so we get more!” - @G0rz

Don’t forget to share your old school achievements and stories with us over on Twitter (@RuneScape)! You can also submit any feedback you have regarding Old School RuneScape in our Old School Feedback forum.

Looking for a way to quickly train your Prayer in Old School RuneScape? Look no further than Sparc Mac’s first in a series of 2007 tip videos!

That’s all for today – I’m off to continue bargain hunting in bank sales. See you there!

Mod Mike & The RuneScape Community Team

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