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Welcome to Old School RuneScape Polls

Welcome to the polls page for Old School RuneScape. Here you’ll find regular polls where you decide what features are added to the game and decide the future of the service.

Each poll will run for a duration of one week. To participate, you’ll need to be a member with a total skill level of at least 280 in Old School RuneScape. A feature poll is considered successful if it has achieved over 75% yes votes when it closes.

Head on over to the Old School Feedback forum to discuss the latest poll, or propose ideas for the next feature poll.

This week's poll

The Kebos Lowlands 

The Kebos Lowlands are the latest addition to Zeah, offering a plethora of new content ranging from the Farming Guild, a new Slayer Master, new Slayer creatures, a new combined Fishing and Hunter method, two new novice quests and item rewards for all!

We've gathered your feedback since the reveal of the Kebos Lowlands at RuneFest and it's now your chance to vote on it coming into the game!

This poll will close on Friday 19th October.

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