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Quality of Life - Top 10 PvP Suggestions (11-Feb-2016 10:04:00)

Throughout February we will be running one poll every week for very popular quality of life updates. We will be dedicating each poll to a different part of the game.

This week's poll includes the top 10 quality of life suggestions for PvP.

This poll will close on Monday 15th February.

Total Number of Votes: 34348

Question 1 Shard Share is a system which allows big drops from bosses to be instantly shared throughout a team by splitting them into shards. Shards can then be sold or combined to create the item which would've been dropped. Should Shard Share be added to Old School RuneScape?
Yes 51.0% (17494 votes)
No 40.1% (13763 votes)
Skip question 9.0% (3091 votes)
Question 2 If Shard Share is introduced, should large stacks of items also be shared evenly throughout a team when it is toggled on?
Yes 53.2% (18257 votes)
No 34.1% (11711 votes)
Skip question 12.8% (4380 votes)
Question 3 The order in which player's actions are registered (PID) in Old School is currently randomised every game tick. This means that combat in Old School is less consistent than it used to be back in 2007. Should we randomise PID less often in order to make combat more consistent? This change would make the combat system more similar to that found in 2007.
Yes 70.4% (24177 votes)
No 16.3% (5592 votes)
Skip question 13.4% (4579 votes)
Question 4 Should there be a 60 second delay between killing your Bounty Hunter target and being assigned a new one? This will give you time to pick up loot and leave the wilderness.
Yes 76.9% (26413 votes)
No 7.6% (2582 votes)
Skip question 15.6% (5353 votes)
Question 5 Should it only be possible to be assigned a Bounty Hunter target if they are below level 15 wilderness?
Yes 51.0% (17512 votes)
No 27.4% (9378 votes)
Skip question 21.8% (7458 votes)
Question 6 Should the ents and black unicorns found outside the entrance to the Corporeal Beast's cave be moved further away?
Yes 54.0% (18514 votes)
No 27.1% (9280 votes)
Skip question 19.1% (6554 votes)
Question 7 Should teleblock be usable in free-to-play?
Yes 67.8% (23259 votes)
No 26.1% (8959 votes)
Skip question 6.3% (2130 votes)
Question 8 Seeing when a teleblock is successfully cast is currently quite difficult. Should an additional animation play to indicate when a teleblock is successful?
Yes 88.7% (30464 votes)
No 8.2% (2807 votes)
Skip question 3.2% (1077 votes)
Question 9 Should the skeletons and scorpions found in Edgeville be made non-aggressive on world 318?
Yes 67.9% (23312 votes)
No 21.0% (7204 votes)
Skip question 11.2% (3832 votes)
Question 10 Should untradeable items which have a tradeable version, two examples being the charged dragonfire shield or berserker ring (i), be converted to their tradeable versions when they are discarded from your inventory via the drop option whilst within the wilderness?
Yes 59.1% (20290 votes)
No 25.4% (8708 votes)
Skip question 15.6% (5350 votes)
Question 11 Should warning messages which can be toggled be added to teleport spells? These warnings will be disabled by default.
Yes 56.7% (19473 votes)
No 27.7% (9502 votes)
Skip question 15.7% (5373 votes)
Question 12 One reward from the hard wilderness achievement diary allows you to choose the destination of the wilderness obelisks. Should we modify the behaviour so the left click will retain the random teleportation behaviour available before completing the diary, whilst right click options (unlocked on completing the hard diary) will offer an option to teleport to your previously chosen destination and the ability to open the list and select a destination.
Yes 70.3% (24116 votes)
No 10.0% (3428 votes)
Skip question 19.9% (6804 votes)

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