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Old School Content Poll #40: Vanilla LootShare & QoL (07-Mar-2016 15:29:38)

We recently offered a heavily customised system for sharing boss loot via shards. It didn't pass, so we're now offering a simpler system that's more like what RuneScape had in 2007.

We're also offering some quality of life updates that we can develop alongside the bigger projects such as Monkey Madness II.

This poll will close on Monday 14th March.

Total Number of Votes: 41555

Question 1 LootShare is a system which gives everyone in a team a chance of receiving big drops from bosses. Should LootShare be added to Old School RuneScape?
Yes 69.7% (28955 votes)
No 24.5% (10161 votes)
Skip question 5.9% (2439 votes)
Question 2 If LootShare is introduced, should it use 'LootShare potential' to make players more likely to receive loot if they haven't recently had a big drop?
Yes 55.2% (22929 votes)
No 36.6% (15176 votes)
Skip question 8.4% (3450 votes)
Question 3 Should we remove the restrictions on taking spare copies of a cape from the gods' statues at the Mage Arena?
Yes 78.0% (32380 votes)
No 13.5% (5575 votes)
Skip question 8.7% (3600 votes)
Question 4 Should it be possible to own spare copies of the Achievement Diary reward kit? Perdu would sell these for a small fee.
Yes 78.4% (32547 votes)
No 11.3% (4687 votes)
Skip question 10.4% (4321 votes)
Question 5 Should the Binding Necklace be updated to have 16 charges rather than 15? This would fit better with the ring of dueling having 8 charges on runecrafting runs.
Yes 86.1% (35748 votes)
No 6.2% (2536 votes)
Skip question 7.9% (3271 votes)
Question 6 If you have 100% favour in all Kourend houses, should Osten be able to dye your graceful kit to match his white & black version? He would charge the same fee of 15 marks of grace per piece. Regardless of the outcome of this question, we will update POH costume rooms to store recoloured graceful kit.
Yes 80.4% (33369 votes)
No 6.0% (2471 votes)
Skip question 13.8% (5715 votes)
Question 7 Should a shortcut be added to the northern side of the Lava maze to ease access to the clue location? This would require completion of the hard Wilderness diary and an Agility level of 82.
Yes 82.2% (34152 votes)
No 10.5% (4352 votes)
Skip question 7.4% (3051 votes)
Question 8 Should we add a method of saving your favourite fairy ring locations allowing you to input those codes quickly?
Yes 88.1% (36592 votes)
No 7.2% (2973 votes)
Skip question 4.8% (1990 votes)
Question 9 Should we add more spawns of dust devils, jungle horrors and cave horrors to their current locations? They are currently mapped very sparsely.
Yes 84.7% (35189 votes)
No 8.4% (3463 votes)
Skip question 7.0% (2903 votes)
Question 10 Should we add giant Hellrats to Evil Dave's basement? These could be fought by your cat to receive a guaranteed drop of 4 doses of whichever spice you want.
Yes 74.7% (31010 votes)
No 16.1% (6675 votes)
Skip question 9.4% (3870 votes)
Question 11 Should a refresh option be added to Dwarf Cannons, allowing their decay timer to be reset without having to pick it up and set it up again?
Yes 81.5% (33865 votes)
No 14.2% (5860 votes)
Skip question 4.5% (1830 votes)
Question 12 Should it be possible to combine tentacle whips charges together? The spare Kraken tentacle would be lost.
Yes 74.7% (31027 votes)
No 13.1% (5430 votes)
Skip question 12.3% (5098 votes)
Question 13 Should it be possible to unlock lizardmen as a Slayer task for a fee of 75 slayer points?
Yes 84.4% (35049 votes)
No 8.4% (3454 votes)
Skip question 7.4% (3052 votes)

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