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Old School feature poll #2 – April 2013 (04-Apr-2013 15:38:33)

This poll runs from Thursday 4th April until Wednesday 10th April (inclusive).

Total Number of Votes: 75694

Question 1 Some additional OldSchool worlds will be added, with F2P restrictions applied so that clans and PKers can engage in PVP combat in the Wilderness without members’ items or abilities. The worlds will remain accessible only to RuneScape members. Players who do not wish to use these worlds would not be required to visit them, and the world-picker would not send people to these worlds who had not manually selected them.
Yes 84.5% (63952 votes)
No 15.6% (11742 votes)
Question 2 Improve the pathfinding/routefinding code to prevent the bugs where players run back and forth and dance around large npcs when trying to fight them.
Yes 91.1% (68891 votes)
No 9.0% (6803 votes)
Question 3 Update some of the training obstacles, such as pipes, at various agility courses to allow multiple players to use them simultaneously.
Yes 92.0% (69570 votes)
No 8.1% (6124 votes)
Question 4 Holding down the mouse wheel button will allow you to rotate the camera, like the arrow keys do.
Yes 63.5% (47999 votes)
No 36.6% (27695 votes)
Question 5 The list of activities (e.g trading, Castle Wars) from the themed worlds forum post will be added to the world select pages.
Yes 89.1% (67414 votes)
No 11.0% (8280 votes)
Question 6 If a world is full, players trying to log into it will be placed in a queue, rather than having to repeatedly login until there is space.
Yes 70.0% (52982 votes)
No 30.1% (22712 votes)
Question 7 While you are trading with another player, their chat messages will be copied to your Trade chat tab so that you can read them more easily.
Yes 94.5% (71485 votes)
No 5.6% (4209 votes)
Question 8 Players will be permitted to return to Ape Atoll without claiming the Defence XP reward of the Monkey Madness quest, allowing pures to attempt the monkey chapter of Recipe for Disaster.
Yes 61.5% (46548 votes)
No 38.6% (29146 votes)
Question 9 If you cast a second alchemy spell while a previous alchemy spell is still in progress, the second spell is queued up to run when the first one finishes. This would not queue up more than one spell at any time.
Yes 85.5% (64708 votes)
No 14.6% (10986 votes)

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