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Old School Content Poll #30: Near Miss Poll (12-Feb-2015 14:51:47)

Before you vote, please read Dev Blog: Near Miss Poll (QFC 380-381-150-65567074).

This poll will close on Thursday 19th February.

Total Number of Votes: 37321

Question 1 Should we introduce a new Clan Wars game mode called Timed Deathmatch? Clans would choose a set amount of time and the team with the most kills by the end of it would win.
Yes 87.7% (32728 votes)
No 12.4% (4593 votes)
Question 2 Should we introduce a new Clan Wars game mode called Team Oddskull? Clans would compete to hold a skull for the longest, killing each other to get possession of the skull. The clan that holds the skull for the most time wins.
Yes 83.9% (31308 votes)
No 16.2% (6013 votes)
Question 3 Should we make some small changes to the Clan Wars Classic map to make it play more like the original?
Yes 87.1% (32497 votes)
No 13.0% (4824 votes)
Question 4 Should the Wilderness bosses drop very rare pets of themselves?
Yes 90.4% (33703 votes)
No 9.7% (3618 votes)
Question 5 Should we add a very rare Scorpia pet to the Scorpia drop table?
Yes 89.3% (33325 votes)
No 10.8% (3996 votes)
Question 6 Should we replace the Wilderness ditch with a less intrusive barrier that offers the same level of protection against luring? Players would be given a warning when attempting to run past the barrier. This warning would be toggleable.
Yes 70.2% (26172 votes)
No 29.9% (11149 votes)
Question 7 Should teleblock be made usable by F2P players?
Yes 66.3% (24734 votes)
No 33.8% (12587 votes)
Question 8 Should items dropped inside the Wilderness and PvP worlds appear instantly? This would prevent players griefing PKers by dropping items.
Yes 58.8% (21931 votes)
No 41.3% (15390 votes)
Question 9 Should we allow players to hide messages from above the heads of other players unless they contain chosen words? This would work in the same way that you are able to currently able to 'filter' autochat and would make it easier to find people buying or selling what you are looking for.
Yes 83.0% (30970 votes)
No 17.1% (6351 votes)
Question 10 Should you be able to press the spacebar to continue through NPC dialogue and use number keys to select from options that appear in the chatbox? You would still be able to click the options with your mouse as normal.
Yes 91.9% (34294 votes)
No 8.2% (3027 votes)
Question 11 Should we change the accurate attack style of the Godswords to slash rather than crush? This would not change the stats of the Godswords. The Godswords currently have a slash attack bonus of +132 compared to the crush attack bonus of +80.
Yes 78.4% (29245 votes)
No 21.7% (8076 votes)
Question 12 Should the message that appears in your chatbox when a ring of recoil breaks be changed to make it more noticeable?
Yes 92.7% (34571 votes)
No 7.4% (2750 votes)
Question 13 Should it be made possible to share super combat potions using the Lunar spell Boost Potion Share? Using this spell consumes 1 dose for each person that receives the boost.
Yes 78.4% (29231 votes)
No 21.7% (8090 votes)
Question 14 Should the requirement to vote in content polls be increased from 280 total level to 300 total level and at least 25 hours played? For this to work we will have to remove the ability to vote through the website.
Yes 79.9% (29783 votes)
No 20.2% (7538 votes)
Question 15 Should we add a button to the main offer screen of the Grand Exchange that allows you to collect all unclaimed items in a single click? This would collect items from all ongoing offers without cancelling the offers.
Yes 93.0% (34672 votes)
No 7.1% (2649 votes)
Question 16 Should we add a button to the worn equipment screen that allows you to price check your items? It would be placed between the existing 'Equipment stats' and 'Items kept on death' buttons.
Yes 92.3% (34426 votes)
No 7.8% (2895 votes)

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