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Old School Polls (31-Jan-2017 12:06:21)

We'd like to improve how we do polls. So here's a poll.

This poll will close on Saturday 4th February around 6pm GMT.

Total Number of Votes: 42229

Question 1 Would you like the requirement for a question to pass a poll to be reduced from 75% to 70%? Please note that this question requires 75% to pass, not 70%.
Yes 54.5% (23002 votes)
No 41.5% (17501 votes)
Skip question 4.1% (1726 votes)
Question 2 If a poll question only affects the gameplay of certain players, should we only allow those affected players to vote on it? In order for an update to be polled to a specific part of the player base, it would need to truly be exclusively a change to only that community. If it provides an advantage over other players or a change which impacts the wider game, it would still require approval from the entire community.
Yes 61.4% (25892 votes)
No 31.0% (13066 votes)
Skip question 7.8% (3271 votes)
Question 3 Should it be possible to change how you voted on a poll after you have submitted your response? It would be possible to edit your answers until the poll is closed.
Yes 62.4% (26340 votes)
No 34.3% (14449 votes)
Skip question 3.5% (1440 votes)
Question 4 Should the results of a poll be concealed until it has ended?
Yes 64.0% (27015 votes)
No 32.1% (13515 votes)
Skip question 4.1% (1699 votes)
Question 5 When players request changes to Old School RuneScape, which of the following describes your feelings?
More things should be done without a poll being required. 27.5% (11611 votes)
Fewer things should be done without passing a poll. 13.8% (5791 votes)
The polls are about right. 53.2% (22446 votes)
Skip question 5.7% (2381 votes)

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