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Quality of Life - Ten Skilling Suggestions (10-Feb-2017 14:45:53)

Throughout February, we're running a series of polls of your popular quality-of-life suggestions, like we did last year.

This week's poll focuses on skilling requests.

This poll will close on Thursday 16th February.

Total Number of Votes: 49881

Question 1 In the main inventory side-panel, should you be able to trigger the 'Drop' option on an item by holding SHIFT while left-clicking it? This would also work for similar options such as 'Release' on non-stackable Hunter creatures.
Yes 90.0% (44849 votes)
No 8.8% (4383 votes)
Skip question 1.4% (649 votes)
Question 2 Should the Tithe Farm offer the option to block weeds from growing in your Farming patches? The option would cost 50 points. Once unlocked, it would be possible to toggle it on and off freely.
Yes 77.1% (38446 votes)
No 7.6% (3752 votes)
Skip question 15.5% (7683 votes)
Question 3 Should there be a left-click option in the Blast Mine for putting dynamite pots into the alcoves?
Yes 74.3% (37050 votes)
No 6.0% (2988 votes)
Skip question 19.8% (9843 votes)
Question 4 Should we add keyboard short-cuts to the furniture creation menu for player-owned house hotspots?
Yes 81.6% (40672 votes)
No 9.5% (4735 votes)
Skip question 9.0% (4474 votes)
Question 5 Should we create a new piece of bedroom furniture in player-owned houses called a Servant's Moneybag? Money stored in here would automatically be used to pay the servant's fees as they do tasks for you.
Yes 90.9% (45295 votes)
No 4.8% (2376 votes)
Skip question 4.5% (2210 votes)
Question 6 Should we change the veins in the upper area of the Motherlode Mine so that they deplete a random amount of time after a player begins mining them? This would mean that multiple players mining a vein simultaneously would no longer make it deplete faster.
Yes 83.8% (41764 votes)
No 7.1% (3521 votes)
Skip question 9.3% (4596 votes)
Question 7 Should we add a head-up display to the Motherlode Mine that shows how full the pay-dirt sack is?
Yes 86.1% (42947 votes)
No 5.4% (2667 votes)
Skip question 8.6% (4267 votes)
Question 8 Should it be possible to pay 200 nuggets in Motherlode Mine to double the capacity of the pay-dirt sack?
Yes 84.2% (41961 votes)
No 6.8% (3362 votes)
Skip question 9.2% (4558 votes)
Question 9 When wearing a Runecrafting skillcape, or equivalent, should your essence pouches be protected from degrading? This would be in addition to the existing perk.
Yes 86.6% (43155 votes)
No 7.9% (3909 votes)
Skip question 5.7% (2817 votes)
Question 10 Should players with level 99 Agility pass all Brimhaven Agility Arena obstacles without a chance of failing?
Yes 76.9% (38319 votes)
No 16.4% (8143 votes)
Skip question 6.9% (3419 votes)
Question 11 How do you feel about Make-All options? This will help us decide what to poll in future if anything. Rewriting Make-X features for such an update would be a substantial job, and is not something we'd be able to fit into Qol Month regardless.
All Make-X features should have also have a Make-All option 79.0% (39389 votes)
Some Make-X features should have a Make-All option, but not all of them 9.8% (4851 votes)
The Make-X options should not be changed 4.8% (2375 votes)
Skip question 6.6% (3266 votes)

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