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Quality of Life - PvP-related Suggestions (17-Feb-2017 15:51:51)

Throughout February, we're running a series of polls of your popular quality-of-life suggestions, like we did last year.

This week's poll focuses on PvP-related requests and Wilderness content.

This poll will close on Thursday 23rd February.

Total Number of Votes: 33577

Question 1 Should tier 1 Bounty Hunter emblems be made tradeable on the Grand Exchange? It would also become possible to banknote emblems with this change.
Yes 78.8% (26427 votes)
No 11.3% (3788 votes)
Skip question 10.1% (3362 votes)
Question 2 Should the drop rate of mysterious emblems from Wilderness bosses be increased to 1 in 5? It would still only be possible to receive emblems as a drop on world 318.
Yes 78.8% (26428 votes)
No 11.5% (3832 votes)
Skip question 9.9% (3317 votes)
Question 3 Should a Wine of Zamorak spawn be added to the temple in level 35 Wilderness? This wine would need to be telegrabbed, and players who have completed the hard Wilderness diary would receive them in noted form.
Yes 80.8% (27102 votes)
No 13.1% (4368 votes)
Skip question 6.3% (2107 votes)
Question 4 Should the Bounty Hunter minigame only take place in levels 1 to 5 Wilderness on world 318, rather than the entire Wilderness?
Yes 54.2% (18186 votes)
No 29.7% (9951 votes)
Skip question 16.3% (5440 votes)
Question 5 Should tradeable items dropped within PvP areas appear instantly?
Yes 46.8% (15695 votes)
No 43.6% (14617 votes)
Skip question 9.8% (3265 votes)
Question 6 Should food and potions dropped within PvP areas never appear for other players? This would apply even if question 5 passes its poll.
Yes 42.7% (14308 votes)
No 45.3% (15182 votes)
Skip question 12.2% (4087 votes)
Question 7 Should the Bounty Hunter overlay display whether or not your target is skulled?
Yes 72.3% (24261 votes)
No 11.0% (3667 votes)
Skip question 16.9% (5649 votes)
Question 8 Should the Bounty Hunter overlay display the tier of emblem your target is holding (if any)?
Yes 68.3% (22913 votes)
No 16.1% (5385 votes)
Skip question 15.8% (5279 votes)
Question 9 Should the rune cost of the Teleport to Bounty Target spell be removed?
Yes 50.3% (16887 votes)
No 34.9% (11716 votes)
Skip question 14.9% (4974 votes)
Question 10 Should the kill/death ratio overlay track kills and deaths in the entire Wilderness, rather than just those beyond level 20 Wilderness?
Yes 71.9% (24139 votes)
No 9.8% (3280 votes)
Skip question 18.4% (6158 votes)
Question 11 Should splashing a teleblock spell provide less experience than casting one successfully?
Yes 69.1% (23182 votes)
No 21.7% (7281 votes)
Skip question 9.3% (3114 votes)
Question 12 Should we change the teleblock spell so that it can tell you how many seconds remain before you can teleport? This will make the duration of teleblocks more consistent.
Yes 87.3% (29292 votes)
No 7.1% (2354 votes)
Skip question 5.8% (1931 votes)
Question 13 Should teleblocks be removed when you enter a safe zone on PvP worlds?
Yes 76.3% (25590 votes)
No 16.5% (5522 votes)
Skip question 7.4% (2465 votes)

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