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Quality of Life - General Suggestions (24-Feb-2017 18:08:34)

Throughout February, we've been running a series of polls of your popular quality-of-life suggestions, like we did last year.

This is the last of the February QoL Polls, but we'll be continuing to offer more updates like these in other polls in future.

This poll will close on Thursday 2nd March.

Total Number of Votes: 35518

Question 1 Should gnome gliders be able to fly directly to any available destination without requiring you to go via the Grand Tree hub?
Yes 92.2% (32729 votes)
No 5.4% (1886 votes)
Skip question 2.6% (903 votes)
Question 2 Should we add a toggle for making the left-click option on pets be 'Walk here'?
Yes 79.0% (28027 votes)
No 7.1% (2520 votes)
Skip question 14.0% (4971 votes)
Question 3 Should the Bank PIN feature have an option for keeping your bank unlocked over logout or world-hop if you log back in within 5 minutes from the same IP address as your previous session?
Yes 84.5% (29984 votes)
No 11.5% (4070 votes)
Skip question 4.2% (1464 votes)
Question 4 Should all elite achievement diary gear offer infinite teleports rather than a capped number? This would allow infinite teleports to Rellekka and the Fountain of Rune.
Yes 74.9% (26589 votes)
No 18.5% (6564 votes)
Skip question 6.7% (2365 votes)
Question 5 Should it be possible to change the order of the spell icons in the spellbooks and the prayer icons in the prayerbook?
Yes 68.6% (24350 votes)
No 26.3% (9308 votes)
Skip question 5.3% (1860 votes)
Question 6 Once the Waterfall quest is complete, should it be possible to enter the Waterfall caves without needing Glarial's necklace?
Yes 86.3% (30628 votes)
No 11.1% (3939 votes)
Skip question 2.7% (951 votes)
Question 7 Should the Grand Exchange trade history length be doubled?
Yes 84.7% (30049 votes)
No 7.3% (2584 votes)
Skip question 8.2% (2885 votes)
Question 8 Should a right-click option on the NPC Contact spell let you automatically select the last NPC you contacted?
Yes 82.0% (29114 votes)
No 6.7% (2362 votes)
Skip question 11.4% (4042 votes)
Question 9 Should ents be removed from the Wilderness? They would still be present in the Woodcutting Guild.
Yes 27.9% (9878 votes)
No 53.1% (18834 votes)
Skip question 19.2% (6806 votes)
Question 10 Instead of having four Achievement Diary masters across Karamja, should Pirate Jackie the Fruit take over that role from them all?
Yes 66.9% (23739 votes)
No 16.8% (5939 votes)
Skip question 16.5% (5840 votes)
Question 11 Should there be a right-click option on a bank tab to remove all the placeholders in that tab?
Yes 78.4% (27821 votes)
No 9.7% (3412 votes)
Skip question 12.1% (4285 votes)
Question 12 Should the two new dance emotes, performed in the 4th Birthday holiday event, be added to the emotes panel? Players would be required to complete this event to unlock them, and they would be unlockable again at future OSRS birthday events.
Yes 72.8% (25852 votes)
No 17.1% (6061 votes)
Skip question 10.2% (3605 votes)
Question 13 Should the 'Destroy' confirmation screen respect keyboard short-cuts for its Yes and No buttons? It would respond to '1' and 'Y' for Yes, and '2' or 'N' for No.
Yes 73.1% (25944 votes)
No 14.3% (5075 votes)
Skip question 12.7% (4499 votes)
Question 14 Should the player-owned house jewellery box menu be redesigned based on this player-submitted design? Keyboard shortcuts would still be available.
Yes 77.7% (27578 votes)
No 6.1% (2163 votes)
Skip question 16.3% (5777 votes)
Question 15 Player-owned house portals currently have a left-click option that opens a menu for entering houses. Should those menu options be offered as left-click and right-click options on the portal itself instead?
Yes 74.5% (26441 votes)
No 6.1% (2134 votes)
Skip question 19.6% (6943 votes)
Question 16 Should the Friends list and chat-channel interfaces be sortable by all their columns so that it's easier to find people?
Yes 77.6% (27541 votes)
No 7.1% (2493 votes)
Skip question 15.5% (5484 votes)
Question 17 Should the boat that travels to and from Dragontooth Isle have a right-click option for instant travel and an option for paying 500 ecto-tokens to get unlimited free trips in future?
Yes 83.7% (29715 votes)
No 5.7% (1991 votes)
Skip question 10.8% (3812 votes)
Question 18 Should the Varrock apothecary offer to make basic energy potions out of chocolate dust and limpwurt roots? This would allow non-members to get and consume energy potions.
Yes 80.6% (28608 votes)
No 13.1% (4632 votes)
Skip question 6.5% (2278 votes)
Question 19 Should the shop price of grimy herbs be increased by a few coins so that they appear above items such as bones on the ground?
Yes 86.7% (30778 votes)
No 6.6% (2328 votes)
Skip question 6.8% (2412 votes)
Question 20 Should the special attack bar be visible on the combat side-panel regardless of whether your weapon has a special attack?
Yes 62.2% (22085 votes)
No 27.9% (9906 votes)
Skip question 10.0% (3527 votes)

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