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Old School Content Poll #53: Guilds & Make-All (15-Jun-2017 12:05:51)

This poll offers some new life for some of RuneScape's oldest guilds. There's a new way to get sharks through fishing, plus a new mineral to mine and craft and fletch.

We're also following up on the survey results that found such overwhelming support for a Make-All option in Old School's various skilling interfaces.

This poll will close on Wednesday 21st June.

Total Number of Votes: 50522

Question 1 Should we expand the number of rocks found within the F2P area of the Mining Guild? This would include adding 2 adamantite ores and 4 iron rocks, as well as an ore shop and pickaxe shop. The ore shop would have no stock by default.
Yes 85.7% (43292 votes)
No 10.5% (5294 votes)
Skip question 3.9% (1936 votes)
Question 2 Should we add an extended, members-only area to the Mining Guild? This new area would include 8 iron rocks, 20 coal rocks, 10 mithril rocks, 8 adamantite rocks, 2 runite rocks, and a bank.
Yes 92.0% (46442 votes)
No 6.5% (3270 votes)
Skip question 1.7% (810 votes)
Question 3 If the members-only area is added, should the rocks within this area respawn twice as fast as rocks elsewhere in Old School?
Yes 77.2% (38996 votes)
No 20.6% (10387 votes)
Skip question 2.3% (1139 votes)
Question 4 If the members-only area is added, should a passive +7 Mining boost be given to any player within this area?
Yes 79.5% (40155 votes)
No 18.5% (9343 votes)
Skip question 2.1% (1024 votes)
Question 5 If the extended Mining Guild area is added, should mining gloves, as described in the recent developer blog, be available as a reward?
Yes 85.8% (43331 votes)
No 10.4% (5253 votes)
Skip question 3.9% (1938 votes)
Question 6 Should we add Amethyst as a new material within the Mining Guild? It will require 92 Mining and can be used to fletch new Arrows, Bolts, and Javelins.
Yes 82.5% (41666 votes)
No 14.0% (7060 votes)
Skip question 3.6% (1796 votes)
Question 7 Should minnow fishing be added as an expansion to the Fishing Guild? Minnow fishing is a more click-intensive fishing method, with rapidly moving fishing spots and other distractions. Accessing the minnow fishing platform would require level 82 Fishing, completion of Fishing Contest and a full Angler's Outfit. Minnows can be exchanged for sharks by talking to the Fisherman found on the fishing platform. It would provide an average of 50,000 XP per hour at level 99, as well as an average of 650k GP per hour at level 99.
Yes 80.9% (40860 votes)
No 13.3% (6696 votes)
Skip question 5.9% (2966 votes)
Question 8 Should an invisible +7 Fishing boost be applied within the Fishing Guild? This would stack with other stats boosts, such as the Dragon Harpoon.
Yes 84.1% (42446 votes)
No 13.3% (6713 votes)
Skip question 2.7% (1363 votes)
Question 9 Should a Make-All option be offered alongside every Make-X option in Old School?
Yes 95.4% (48166 votes)
No 3.2% (1612 votes)
Skip question 1.5% (744 votes)
Question 10 If Make-All is added to Old School, should the Make-X interfaces in the chatbox area be upgraded as described in the blog so that Make-All can be a left-click option rather than always being right-click?
Yes 85.7% (43287 votes)
No 9.4% (4718 votes)
Skip question 5.0% (2517 votes)
Question 11 If Make-All is added to Old School, should keyboard shortcuts be used to navigate the Make-All interface? 1 = first quantity option, 2 = second quantity option, 3 = third quantity option etc.
Yes 84.4% (42614 votes)
No 9.1% (4551 votes)
Skip question 6.7% (3357 votes)
Question 12 Should the Magic accuracy boost provided by the standard and elite Magic Void Knight set be increased from 30% to 45%?
Yes 78.5% (39625 votes)
No 13.5% (6792 votes)
Skip question 8.2% (4105 votes)
Question 13 Should the elite Magic Void Knight set provide a Magic damage boost of 2.5%?
Yes 81.3% (41037 votes)
No 10.9% (5484 votes)
Skip question 8.0% (4001 votes)
Question 14 Should the master scroll book, an item which can be used to store clue scroll teleport scrolls, be added as a rare reward from all tiers of clue scroll? This item will be tradeable when no teleport scrolls are contained within it.
Yes 87.0% (43915 votes)
No 6.3% (3180 votes)
Skip question 6.8% (3427 votes)
Question 15 Should players have the option to toggle the ability to automatically smash vials after consuming the potion?
Yes 87.7% (44304 votes)
No 9.1% (4548 votes)
Skip question 3.4% (1670 votes)

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