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Old School Content Poll #54: Binding spells, F2P Castle Wars, etc. (07-Jul-2017 15:26:30)

We'd like to increase the viability of the standard spellbook and the Preserve prayer, as well as granting F2P some access to Castle Wars and improving the Lighthouse dungeon.

There's also a large bunch of smaller quality-of-life jobs from your many requests.

This poll will close on Thursday 13th July.

Total Number of Votes: 42362

Question 1 Should Zamorak robes (top and bottom) be added to the drop table of monks of Zamorak?
Yes 89.9% (38044 votes)
No 5.8% (2437 votes)
Skip question 4.5% (1881 votes)
Question 2 After completion of Imp Catcher should Wizard Mizgog offer an amulet of accuracy in exchange for a set of magic beads (black, red, yellow, white)? Currently the only method of re-obtaining them is via trade.
Yes 87.0% (36834 votes)
No 7.8% (3291 votes)
Skip question 5.3% (2237 votes)
Question 3 Should Castle Wars be made available to F2P players? A teleport will be added to the Clan Wars area, and all exits to members-only areas would be sealed.
Yes 79.4% (33630 votes)
No 17.0% (7168 votes)
Skip question 3.7% (1564 votes)
Question 4 If Castle Wars is added to F2P, should Halos be made available to F2P players in exchange for Castle Wars tickets?
Yes 54.2% (22942 votes)
No 37.7% (15940 votes)
Skip question 8.3% (3480 votes)
Question 5 Should the Preserve prayer be improved so that boosted stats last 50% longer? This is an increase from its current 20% rate.
Yes 85.2% (36089 votes)
No 8.4% (3530 votes)
Skip question 6.5% (2743 votes)
Question 6 Should the Preserve prayer's drain rate be decreased to 3 points per minute? This is a decrease from its current 5 points per minute drain rate.
Yes 80.9% (34239 votes)
No 11.4% (4827 votes)
Skip question 7.8% (3296 votes)
Question 7 Should the Desert amulet 4 offer unlimited teleports to the task-only Kalphite cave? This would be a new option in addition to the existing Nardah teleport.
Yes 84.6% (35818 votes)
No 8.9% (3747 votes)
Skip question 6.7% (2797 votes)
Question 8 Should a new binding spell, Shackle, be added to the normal spellbook? It will require level 92 Magic, and each cast would require 5 Nature runes, 6 Earth runes, and 6 Water runes. It will bind players to the spot for 20 seconds, which is equal to the duration of being frozen by Ice Barrage.
Yes 66.2% (28016 votes)
No 28.7% (12127 votes)
Skip question 5.3% (2219 votes)
Question 9 In normal Old School RuneScape, the Protect from Magic prayer halves the duration of binding spells cast on you. Should we make the prayer have NO effect on the duration of the bind? This change would NOT affect the Bind spell in F2P. It would also affect Shackle if that passes its poll.
Yes 35.1% (14837 votes)
No 56.5% (23894 votes)
Skip question 8.6% (3631 votes)
Question 10 Should a toggle option be added to allow players to opt out of receiving Strength XP when pushing through wheat on Puro-Puro? Pushing through the magical wheat found on Puro-Puro currently grants 2 Strength XP.
Yes 63.5% (26891 votes)
No 23.7% (10022 votes)
Skip question 12.9% (5449 votes)
Question 11 Should the Magic skillcape perk be improved to allow 5 spellbook changes each day? This is an increase from the 1 spellbook change it currently gives.
Yes 85.8% (36327 votes)
No 10.3% (4322 votes)
Skip question 4.1% (1713 votes)
Question 12 Should an overlay, akin to the Motherlode Mine, be added to the Blast Mine? It will detail the number of ore available to be collected.
Yes 83.4% (35304 votes)
No 5.1% (2157 votes)
Skip question 11.6% (4901 votes)
Question 13 Should equipment which would otherwise be dropped, be destroyed instead, when dying at the hands of an Ironman? This is to ensure that there's more risk when fighting an Ironman. At present they aren't able to pick up any loot you would drop; if this passes, the tradeable loot would be destroyed.
Yes 61.9% (26191 votes)
No 24.7% (10442 votes)
Skip question 13.6% (5729 votes)
Question 14 In the Lighthouse dungeon, players at the top of the ladder cannot see players or NPCs in the combat area below; should we change how the map works so that you can see players & NPCs in the combat area before climbing down the ladder?
Yes 83.8% (35466 votes)
No 6.5% (2747 votes)
Skip question 9.8% (4149 votes)
Question 15 If this is implemented should it come alongside a Peek option added to the ladder which would detail exactly how many players are in the area below?
Yes 78.5% (33229 votes)
No 10.4% (4398 votes)
Skip question 11.2% (4735 votes)
Question 16 Should raw karambwanji be stackable in your inventory? This will make fishing for raw karambwan a more viable method of obtaining them.
Yes 82.0% (34712 votes)
No 11.4% (4822 votes)
Skip question 6.7% (2828 votes)
Question 17 Should the number of raw karambwan sold in Tiadeche's Karambwan Stall be reduced from 10 to 5?
Yes 45.5% (19238 votes)
No 39.0% (16484 votes)
Skip question 15.7% (6640 votes)
Question 18 Should a stock of 50 karambwanji be added to Tiadeche's Karambwan Stall at a default cost of 10gp each? This is to improve the ease of access to fishing for karambwan.
Yes 74.2% (31428 votes)
No 12.0% (5077 votes)
Skip question 13.9% (5857 votes)
Question 19 Should a new, larger, firework animation be added to celebrate achieving level 99 in a skill?
Yes 92.6% (39226 votes)
No 4.9% (2036 votes)
Skip question 2.6% (1100 votes)
Question 20 Should new, even larger, firework animations be added to celebrate reaching the maximum total level?
Yes 92.7% (39267 votes)
No 4.6% (1935 votes)
Skip question 2.8% (1160 votes)
Question 21 Should new total level milestone notifications be added? Every 25 total levels youíll receive a notification in your chatbox.
Yes 73.6% (31173 votes)
No 19.7% (8309 votes)
Skip question 6.8% (2880 votes)
Question 22 Should a toggle option be added to the Amulet of Chemistry which would prevent any more potions from being made when the amulet breaks?
Yes 74.6% (31589 votes)
No 8.8% (3716 votes)
Skip question 16.7% (7057 votes)
Question 23 Should expert mining gloves, which require 70 Mining to equip, be obtainable by combining the standard gloves and superior gloves at a cost of 60 unidentified materials? Expert mining gloves would provide the effects of both the standard and superior gloves.
Yes 79.9% (33817 votes)
No 6.2% (2590 votes)
Skip question 14.1% (5955 votes)
Question 24 Should the number of steps in an elite clue scroll be reduced to between 5-7? This would place the number of steps required between that of a hard clue scroll and that of a master clue scroll.
Yes 85.1% (36041 votes)
No 8.9% (3729 votes)
Skip question 6.2% (2592 votes)
Question 25 Should we add recolours to the rock golem skilling pet using daeyalt, elemental, and lovakite ore?
Yes 81.6% (34530 votes)
No 7.2% (3030 votes)
Skip question 11.4% (4802 votes)
Question 26 Should we remove the sound effects from all random event encounters? The sound effects are felt by some players to be a source of frustration.
Yes 47.1% (19921 votes)
No 35.7% (15099 votes)
Skip question 17.4% (7342 votes)
Question 27 Should we remove the sound effects from all boss pets? We arenít able to have the sound play only for the owner of the pet, so we can only offer to remove the sound effects entirely.
Yes 36.6% (15492 votes)
No 45.0% (19041 votes)
Skip question 18.5% (7829 votes)
Question 28 Should the limit of ecto-tokens stored at the Ectofuntus be increased to 1,000? Currently only 65 can be stored.
Yes 88.9% (37637 votes)
No 4.1% (1712 votes)
Skip question 7.2% (3013 votes)
Question 29 In Blast Furnace themed worlds, should the cost of the dwarves operating the Blast Furnace be increased to 72,000 coins per hour? In return the dwarves would repair broken pipes, cogs, and the drive belt, when needed.
Yes 74.0% (31312 votes)
No 12.1% (5110 votes)
Skip question 14.1% (5940 votes)
Question 30 Should a task-only Lizardman Shaman cave, containing 8 Shamans, be added under the swamp west of the Shayzien area? Regardless of the outcome of this question, the two shamans in that swamp will be removed.
Yes 80.5% (34093 votes)
No 6.7% (2829 votes)
Skip question 12.9% (5440 votes)

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