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Fossil Island: Sulliuscep Mushrooms (24-Aug-2017 16:30:40)

We've got a feature in the dangerous swamps of Fossil Island that could become a new Woodcutting training activity, if you like.

Requiring level 65, the aim would be to help fill the gap below redwoods, without giving as much XP as players can get via tick-manipulation at teak trees.

If you don't want it as a Woodcutting training activity, it'll remain on the island as an item source, but will give insignificant Woodcutting XP.

This poll will close on Monday 28th August.

Total Number of Votes: 27150

Question 1 Should Sulliuscep mushrooms on Fossil Island act as a level 65 Woodcutting training feature? Players would have to keep traversing the dangerous swamp to use these; world-hopping would not help and they will only grow back in a certain pattern after you chop the previous one. They would give bittercaps and a small chance of Mort Myre fungi, with an estimated XP rate of 65k per hour at level 65, scaling to 90k at 99.
Yes 85.5% (23199 votes)
No 10.0% (2695 votes)
Skip question 4.7% (1256 votes)
Question 2 Should Sulliuscep mushrooms have a rare chance of giving a new ingredient for mushroom pies? Requiring level 60 Cooking, the pies would give a +4 boost in Crafting.
Yes 86.4% (23439 votes)
No 9.7% (2623 votes)
Skip question 4.1% (1088 votes)

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