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Fossil Island Login Screen & Make-All (05-Sep-2017 11:59:53)

We've been gathering players' designs for a Fossil Island login screen. Having whittled it down to a shortlist, we'd like you to have the final choice.

We'd also like your input on the order of options when Make-All gets added to existing custom menus such as anvil smithing, glassblowing, etc.

For both questions, we'll aim to use whichever of the options gets most votes.

This poll will close on Wednesday 6th September.

Total Number of Votes: 19872

Question 1 Which of the shortlisted images shall we use for the login screen when Fossil Island launches?
A 23.2% (4608 votes)
B 41.9% (8326 votes)
C 19.6% (3890 votes)
D 8.2% (1616 votes)
Skip question 7.3% (1432 votes)
Question 2 When we're adding a Make-All option to an existing Make-X interface such as anvil smithing, which order do you prefer for the right-click menus?
Make-1, Make-5... Make-All, Make-X 28.3% (5617 votes)
Make-1, Make-5... Make-X, Make-All 68.3% (13553 votes)
Skip question 3.6% (702 votes)

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