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Fossil Island Improvements (23-Nov-2017 10:55:40)

We've been looking at how you've been using Fossil Island, and have some improvements we'd like to offer for you.

This poll will close on Wednesday 29th November.

Total Number of Votes: 24020

Question 1 Should there be a mini-task list on Fossil Island? Completing these tasks would reward you with some additional fossils to start your display cases.
Yes 85.2% (20449 votes)
No 9.2% (2189 votes)
Skip question 5.8% (1382 votes)
Question 2 When dismantling birdhouses, should the clockwork used to create it be returned?
Yes 74.7% (17920 votes)
No 12.6% (3018 votes)
Skip question 12.9% (3082 votes)
Question 3 Should additional tiers of birdhouses be created, as described in the blog? These would require Crafting levels of 45, 50, 60, 75 and 90 for maple, mahogany, yew, magic and redwood respectively.
Yes 81.0% (19446 votes)
No 9.2% (2196 votes)
Skip question 10.0% (2378 votes)
Question 4 Should all tiers of birdhouse be changed to hold 10 birds, with higher-tier houses instead giving increased chances of nests and seeds?
Yes 74.4% (17850 votes)
No 12.6% (3012 votes)
Skip question 13.2% (3158 votes)
Question 5 Should the underwater Agility/Thieving activity be changed to give Glistening Mermaid Tears instead of awarding XP in both skills immediately? The glistening tears would be traded with Mairin for XP in the player's choice of Agility or Thieving, whichever they prefer.
Yes 75.2% (18042 votes)
No 15.3% (3666 votes)
Skip question 9.7% (2312 votes)
Question 6 Ceto currently charges 200 numulites to rent access to an instanced drift net area for a day. Should she accept 20,000 numulites as a one-off fee for permanent access to this feature?
Yes 78.9% (18948 votes)
No 10.0% (2380 votes)
Skip question 11.3% (2692 votes)
Question 7 Should a new mermaid be added to the drift net area who can hold onto your spare drift nets to save space?
Yes 79.1% (18991 votes)
No 9.4% (2246 votes)
Skip question 11.6% (2783 votes)
Question 8 Should the collection screen for the fish found in the drift net area allow you to bank your whole catch for a small numulite cost?
Yes 77.4% (18584 votes)
No 10.4% (2495 votes)
Skip question 12.3% (2941 votes)
Question 9 Should the Volcano Mine shop sell Volcanic Ash for a cost of 40 points per item?
Yes 77.2% (18542 votes)
No 11.4% (2730 votes)
Skip question 11.5% (2748 votes)

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